Why Use A Riding Lawn Mower & Can Be Dangerous On Hills?

| Updated On: June 16, 2021
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Have you ever come across a beautifully kept lawn? Well, keeping a lawn beautiful requires just more than meets the eye. Certainly, when the lawn is quite huge, you must have a bigger mower to cope with the work.

Mowers are used for keeping a lawn clean and neat always. A better version is a riding mower, but can it be used on hilly surfaces? It is dangerous to ride a mower on hills? To find out more, please read through this informative article.

Why use a riding lawn mower?

There are various kinds of lawnmowers. They come in various sizes too. There are those which are pushed by hand while others work by riding. What informs the choice to use a riding lawn mower?

ü  The area to be mowed is quite large and can be done easily by the use of any type of lawnmower. Riding lawn mower moves faster than any other mower.

ü  The need to accomplish a larger task over a short period. Given the fact that they move a little bit faster, it is no doubt that they take a short time to accomplish the work.

ü  One does not get exhausted since in an actual sense, there is no physical activity involved. By just pressing the pedal, the work is done.

ü  It makes the work easier as compared with using other conventional methods of doing the mowing.

ü  Riding lawn mower makes the work uniform.

ü  It can tow objects. These objects are useful, especially when doing the mowing. It is good however to find out the capacity with which your machine can tow. This is to help avoid damaging it while towing objects.

Is it dangerous to use a riding lawn mower on hills?

Many things would inform whether it is safe to use a riding lawn mower on the hilly terrain. Such things include:

Ø  How steep is the hill? If the hill has a high gradient or a very steep slope, then it may not be good to use a riding lawnmower. This is because the mower will not be stable in such slopes and may end up falling off. This may lead to injuries and even fatalities. However, that might not be the case. The riding mower can be successfully used on hills which are not so steep.

Ø  How stable is the mower? Some mowers are heavy and very stable. Such riding mowers can be successfully deployed on hills. Where possible, you should always avoid using mowers on very steep slopes no matter the stability of the mower. Unless the mower has a good ground grip, the exercise might not be safe on the hills.

Ø  What is the direction of mowing? When mowing on the hills, it is always better to follow the general flow of the terrain. It is therefore advisable that you ride your mower up the hill and down rather than doing it across. The mower is quite stable when you go up and down as compared to when doing it across.

Is there a riding lawn mower for hilly terrain? What of hillside mower?

Most riding mowers are meant to be used on hills having a slope of up to 15 degrees. However, some additional features make others better than others. Always remember to go slow when mowing hilly mountains.

You are always reminded to follow the instructions provided when dealing with such terrain. Do not turn on steep slopes as it might be dangerous to do so.

Hillside mower is useful for that designation, mowing on the hills. However, all the stated precautions should be adhered to if safety is to be achieved.

What is the use of a small riding lawn mower?

As with the other large riding lawn mowers, the small ones are used too for landscaping. However, owing to their size, they may not be able to function at a speed as compared to a bigger one.

They are also useful in mowing the hillsides but caution must be observed as usual.


Riding lawn mowers, in general, are used for making the environment beautiful. When using any type of mower on the hillside, you are always advised to observe some caution. It is dangerous to ride a mower on a steep slope of more than 15 degrees. If the mower falls off or slips off, it may be so harmful. Always observe care and caution. Follow the instructions provided on the manual all the time.

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  1. Thanks for this great article, just in time for National Safety Month! It’s just as important to consider the slope of your lawn when using a push mower, too. If you do decide to use a push mower to tackle a lawn on an incline, be sure you mow the grass from side to side instead of directly up the hill.


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