The Best Tool For Cutting Tall Grass- An Amazing list For Gardeners

| Updated On: May 8, 2021
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Your lawn will maintain its aesthetic value for many years to come if it's well maintained. You want your lawn, garden, or yard to have that perfect look you desire? Then, you need the best tool for cutting tall grass.

Because tall grasses in your yard can make, your yard looks weird and untidy. Cutting tall grasses can be such a pain in the ass, but this doesn't have to be you. So we recommend the following best garden tools that promise an overall great performance in taking down tall grasses.

Best Tools List For Cutting Tall Grass:

Comparison Table of Top Tools For Cutting Grass

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Top 6 Best Tool For Cutting Tall Grass Review

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How much effort and money will you keep wasting to get rid of tall grasses in your garden? So, here's what you should use.

The Remington RM1159 has a 159cc OHV gas engine, which is equivalent to a four-cycle gas engine, and that's a good feature for cutting the tallest and toughest grasses in your garden.

Also, it has a 22 inches cutting swath and a 0.155 inches trimmer line that qualifies it as one of the best grass cutter.

Needless to say that this trimmer has a compact size and a unique shape that allows you to access even the hardest to reach locations like the fencing environment and garden beds and trim them effectively.

Its handle is comfortable itself thanks to its ergonomic design, which also allows for an easy fold-up during storage. Let's talk about its wheels. They're 14 inches high and allows for easy maneuverability. This time around, you can maneuver thick grasses like it were some sort of tarred road.


  • Cut is even and regular.
  • Uses regular gasoline.
  • It's not a loud trimmer.
  • New cords are easy to load.
  • Replacing original wheels are simple.


  • Cutting height cannot be adjusted.
  • Belts demand replacement often.
  • It is heavyweight.
  • Has a small gas tank.
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Are you tired of spending hours trying to get rid of those tall grasses in your yard? With the Black+Decker 3 in 1, cutting tall grasses now comes with ease. Its ideal size for land area is estimated to 750ft2.

This lawn mower is a battery-powered mower with two 20V extra batteries attached to it for an extended work time. You can get a customized garden height from 1.6 inches to 2.4 inches through the adjustable cutting height.

Thanks to its 4 wheels and the sturdy mower base deck, this three functionality in one machine are well secured.

Here's a small catch. There's a foot pedal in the Black+Decker 3 in 1 mower that allows quick conversion from mowing to edging or trimming by the quick removal or insertion of an edger or trimmer.

For your small yard that falls in 1,200 square feet, the 12 inches cutting a swath of this mower would get the job done in a breeze.


  • Easy to use.
  • It is lightweight.
  • Good maneuverability.
  • Super quick switching from the mower to edger to the trimmer.
  • Ergonomic design.


  • Takes a lot longer to cut a large garden.
  • Batteries must be charged for cutting.
  • Max lithium-ion batteries can get damage on dropping.
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The HONMAMON Weeding Sickle can let you cut all the tall grasses in your yard neatly, and to the height you desire. With its high carbon tool steel and super steel blade, its performance is outstanding.

What's more? It guarantees you a long term service owing to its twisted shank. Again, the wooden grip is comfortable and adds convenience for users.

Thinking of your many battles with rust? That's impossible with this durable weed cutter due to the carbon steel feature of its blade.

It's your go-to garden tool if you are someone who's continuously tortured by the presence of tall grasses in their yards.


  • Blades are extremely sharp.
  • The steel is hard and resistant to rust.
  • Not heavyweight.
  • It's well-balanced and distributes the forces evenly.
  •  Classic design.


  • Cannot be used with bare hands.
  • Does not come with any coverings for storage.
  • Cannot be used by left-handed gardeners.
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Regardless of its small size, this yard tool births great capability in taking down tall grasses. It's evidence of modern-day design in traditional tools.

Fun fact: The Zenport Aluminum sickle is light enough for you to work with and dense enough to handle those tall grasses. Truth be told, it's a promising cutting tool.

This weed cutter's total length is 18 inches, which is equally divided between its blade and its handle. What this means is that this sickle has a 9 inches steel blade and a 9 inches aluminum handle.

Its steel blade features a straight edge hook, which is powerful enough to give a deep and precise cut. And, the good news is that the aluminum handle is gripped with soft black rubber to protect your hands against cuts and give you a firm hold on the tool.

Guess what? It's a cheapo and best grass cutter for small lawn, so you can successfully cut your tall grasses without breaking the bank.


  •  Lightweight, which makes it easy to use.
  • It is inexpensive.
  • Solid construction and nice design.
  •  Works excellently in tight locations.


  • Lacks balance in the handle.
  • Sickle is too short.
  • Low blade quality.
  • The blade needs regular sharpening.
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With great performance, the Craftsman gas lawn mower falls on the list of the best tool for removing tall grass. From the testimonies of those who have bought and used this mower, it's worth the money.

Powered by a 159cc OHV gas engine having auto choke and recoil, this mower is easy to start. Its instant pull to start and front-wheel drive makes you a master of the mower and your lawn. Without any hassle, you can have tip-up, turn, and maneuver on all sides of level terrain.

See the most exciting part. This mover offers you three functionalities, which are the mulching ability, side discharge, and rear discharge.

Additionally, it has 6 different height levels, which you can command using the dual lever. The cutting diameter? It's 21 inches, which is perfect for your medium-sized and small yards because it would only take fewer passes.

Lastly, the front wheels and the rear wheels of 8 inches and 11 inches respectively are made with zag treads to aids more traction on an irregular terrain. So It can be the best grass cutter machine.


  •  Easy to start.
  • Has good traction on grasses.
  • Comes with an instructional guide.
  •  Nice built and heavy-duty.
  •  Easy assembly out of the box.


  • Noise may be too loud.
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Frankly speaking, cutting tall grasses is no duck soup, but with the best tool to cut tall grasses, the job has been made easier. So allow me to introduce you to the Milwaukee string trimmer, which meets all your gardening needs.

In this weed cutter, there are two components, which are the M18 Fuel powerhead and the Quik-Lok attachment system.

News Flash: The Quik-Lok attachment system is a multi-attachment system that is compatible with tools like a trimmer, edger, pole saw, and hedger.

Although one lithium-ion battery must power the Milwaukee string trimmer, it delivers a 1-hour work time on every charge.

If you have an extensive landscape, this is the best cutting tool for you. Yes, it would meet every of your landscape maintenance needs.


  •  No maintenance needed.
  • It's light but super powerful.
  • Fast charging and great run time.
  •  Best for professional use.
  •  Extremely quiet.


  • Difficult to operate and might need expertise.
  • Trimmer may be too long.
  • It's pricey.

How To Choose The Right Tool For Cutting Tall Grass

We all know that there are certain factors we must look out for when making our purchase of machine tools and equipment. And that's because these factors control the quality of the things we buy.

So, in the same manner, here go some factors you should watch out for if you want the best tool for cutting long grasses in your garden.

Source Of Power

Because there are different power sources for cutting tools, you would want to consider this critically. To begin with, the power source of any cutting tool has a huge influence on the efficiency of its work.

The power source of your cutting tool should be flexible enough for your lawn's size, and it should also be reliable at its peak.

For instance, you might want to consider an engine-powered cutting tool for your large gardens because such a tool would have no restrictions like a charging cord holding it back.

Also, an electric cutting tool should be off from your list of cutting tools if you don't have a reliable electrical power supply near you.

Garden Area

From manual cutting tools to gas cutting tools, they're all good cutting tools for taking down grasses. But here's the rub. These cutting tools are specific to certain land size. What do I mean by this?

For gardens having tight areas, manual cutting tools would do justice to it. You can consider engine-powered cutting tools if you have an extensive area of land.

It will make your work less stressful and effective if you apply the cutting tool applicable to your yard area.

Ease Of Use

When cutting tall grasses and trying to make your lawn look appealing, it doesn't have to pass through the tedious path.

The handling and convenience of cutting tools vary, and you may want to check that out with the cutting tool you want to buy.

In a nutshell, ensure to check out the cutting tool's comfortability, the materials used, and the handle size as some handles can be too short or too long for you.

Cutting Diameter

I'm quite sure you would love to finish cutting in the shortest time, so this should be one of your first point of call when buying any cutting tool.

As cutting tools differ, so do their cutting diameter, which means that there's no one specific cutting diameter for all these tools.

A bigger lawn means a bigger cutting diameter and vice versa.

Note. The cutting diameter of any cutting tool can also be called a cutting width or a cutting swath.

Blade Quality

Admittedly, all cutting tools are equipped with a high carbon stainless steel blade. Nevertheless, giving a blade another glance would not harm.

That's when you should get closer and check the blade angle because a straight blade would cause the cutting to be uneven and rough.

The trick is to use an angled blade, which turns out to give a perpendicular cut to the ground.

Finally, the blades should be very sharp otherwise, your efforts would be wasted.


To a novice, all cutting tools have the same functions and work alike. But that's not true. Among cutting tools, there's an edger, a trimmer, a cutter, and a trencher. Yes, they all carry out a cutting function but with a different approach.

For example, an edger trims the edged grasses of your lawn, which most other weed cutters may find challenging to do because they're not designed to reach the edges of your lawn.

But these days, there are cutting tools with multi-functional ability. Something like a cutting tool with an edging function plus a trimmer function etc.

Availability Of Parts

Someday, you're going to need one or two replacements for your cutting tool. And when you do, the question is would the parts be readily available to you.

You should confirm the availability and accessibility of the vital parts of the cutting tool before purchase; otherwise, your once beloved cutting tool may end up sooner than expected in the trash bin.


1. Can I use a lawn mower to cut tall grasses?

Very tall grasses should be taken down first with a trimmer to a height of 4-5 inches before using a lawnmower.

A lawn mower would only do more harm than good to tall grasses, so you should consider using a trimmer to bring it low. And, of course, it's going to be time-consuming and strenuous, but with determination and focus, you'll get it done in no time.

2. What is the required height for cutting lawns?

Sincerely, there are no such rules as to what height lawns should be cut. But on the face of it, seasonal grasses with a height of 2.5 inches is acceptable.

3. How can I sharpen the blade of my cutting tool?

To sharpen the blades, you can use a sharpening stone, or a sharpening file or steel. The trick is to make sure that you're comfortable with whatsoever method you choose to use.

And just like you would sharpen your knives at home, place the blade on vice and follow its cutting edge to file toward the outside from the inside of the blade.

When doing this, ensure smooth out rough areas and stop once the blade is sharp enough to avoid you getting cut.

You can take your cutting tools to sharpeners if you do not seem to get the process right, and they would get the job done for you. All that matters is for you to have a sharpened cutting tool for your garden.

4. How do I maintain my cutting tools?

If you want your cutting tools to serve you long, you should maintain them, and here's how to go about cutting tools maintenance.

Firstly, protect your cutting tools from climatic factors like rain, snow, and sun. The blades of your cutting tools should be greased regularly to prevent rust.

Ensure you follow all instructions for cutting tools that come with an instructional guide. After use, get rid of dirt and dust from your cutting tools.

5. What kind of oil I can use on my cutting tool?

Rusts on your cutting tools come from water and oxygen reaction on the metal blade, but lubricating with a good oil can disrupt this reaction.

For the best results, apply boiled linseed oil to the metal blades. You can substitute the linseed oil with motor oil or cooking oil, or lamp oil. They would give the same results.

Also, you can use these oils to lubricate the wooden handle of your cutting tool to prevent it from cracking and drying off.

And a warning. Stay clear from the use of petroleum oil because it is toxic and can damage your lawn.

Final Words

Without the best tool for cutting tall grass, having a clean and breathtaking garden seems impossible for most people. But that should not be a problem for you, right?

You have to yourself our best tool for removing grass, and the big news is that these cutting tools have stood the test of time and give professional results on a low effort. Now, the ball is in your court.

Best wishes.