Best Wide Area Walk Behind Mower Reviews 2023

| Updated On: February 8, 2023
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So, your lawn is too big for a push mower but quite small for a riding model. One is not sufficient enough to handle the lawn, whereas another one isn't a cost-efficient option for you. Thankfully, there is an option in between them. The best wide area walk behind mower would serve your lawn mowing purpose quite well.

These walk-behind mowers come with 20 to 30 inches of the cutting area. Using such a mower, you can finish mowing the lawn faster and efficiently without doing anything overwhelming.

Whether you are looking for one for household use or providing a professional mowing service, you will find the right one to meet your needs from the following list.

Expert List of Best Large Walk Behind Mower

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5 Best Wide Area Walk Behind Mower

For more comparative reviewing, each product is discussed by its features and major specs to make it easier for you to get an overall idea about the products.

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As you have asked for it, the first one is a lawn mower with 30 inches cutting deck, which is the largest size in any self-propelled unit. The performance and reliability are also one of the reasons why I have listed Toro TimeMaster in number 1.


The mower features a 223cc high performing engine from Torque Briggs & Stratton. Regarding the performance, it doesn't compromise. No matter how hard your lawn is to handle, you can rest assured that the motor got enough power to turn your overgrown lawn into a well-maintained one.

Cutting Deck

To ensure utmost efficiency and cutting coverage, its 30 inches deck will be more than enough. For large-sized lawns, this assures an efficient mowing session.

Apart from grass cutting ability, it also handles mulching with excellent results. If you have been struggling to give your lawn a good and well-looked shape using a conventional mowing machine, it’s time you leave the hassle to this one. This should suffice most mowing purposes if the lawn has long and thick grass.


Although the machine is the most powerful one on the list, operating it isn't that difficult. Its self-propelled pace is decent enough to provide you with a comfortable mowing experience while not taking too much time to finish the job.

The handle feels comfortable and much easier on hands and thumbs compared to other powerful mowers.


  • Powerful cutting and mulching performance.
  • Comfortable to deal with handle and easy self-propelling feature.
  • Wide cutting deck for larger cutting area.
  • Ideal for dealing with larger grass of a large lawn.


  • Compared to other options, the price is quite high.
  • Self-propelling feature doesn’t seem to be great on inclines.
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Among well-reputable tools and equipment manufacturing companies, Craftsman is a name of reliability among its customers. This self-propelled mower from their lawn mower lineup sports some decent specs and features to provide you a great mowing experience.


This is the area that both homeowners and professionals check when it comes to purchasing a mowing unit. Powered by a 149cc gas-powered engine, the mower can deliver some pro performance whether you use it on a medium or large-sized lawn.

Equipped with auto choke and recoil features, the machine doesn’t require anything overwhelming to get this thing started. The engine is powerful enough to handle a lawn of oversized grass without any issues.

Unlike engines of typical brands, the durability and reliability are up to the mark for its engine.

Cutting Deck

With its 21 inches cutting deck, you can finish mowing an average-sized lawn without spending too much time. To add more to its efficiency, the mower features adjustable height settings that allow you to perform both light trimming and full cutting.

You can adjust the height between 1.25 to 3.75 inches. From its 6 convenient height adjustments, you will find the right size to deal with your lawn.

Traction System

Equipped with 8 inches rear wheels, the mower unit will be able to deliver you with great traction experience and better maneuverability, unlike conventional mowers. Whether it's even, hilly, or rough terrain, you won't find any trouble with its traction performance.

User Experience

To provide you a comfortable mowing experience regardless of the size of the lawn, the handle on this one is ergonomically made. If you need to spend a prolonged period, you won’t experience much fatigue and hand tiring issues.


Unlike typically designed units, this one takes way less space for storing it. You can store the unit vertically pretty much anywhere. The storage space is reduced by 70% due to its vertical storing-ability.


  • Great performing mower for medium to large lawn.
  • No choking hazards while starting due to its auto choking feature.
  • Adjustable cutting height for trimming and full cutting.
  • Vertical storage takes 70% less storing space.
  • Overall pretty durable construction.
  • Much better traction due to 8-inch rear wheels.


  • Cutting width isn’t that big.
  • Requires a bit of effort for handling.
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Compared to the previously reviewed one, this mower machine comes with pretty much similar features. The major difference is with the engine. This model sports a 159cc engine, which promises to deliver higher performance


The engine is more efficient and powerful than the 149cc one. Obviously, you will be able to deal with a large lawn with great efficiency without a doubt. Recoil and auto choke features make it more convenient to operate the machine without doing much hassle during start and while running the machine.


Another noticeable difference is the tires. Unlike the 149cc engine powered model, this one features 11 inches rear tires, which make it an ideal lawn mower machine to roll the wheels on more rough and uneven terrain. The traction is much reliable, and you will have better control while propelling the machine.

In the front, the wheels allow you to turn, tip-up, and easily maneuver around the lawn with ease. So, if you have a difficult to handle lawn, give this mower a try. The machine won’t disappoint you at all.


Whether your lawn requires trimming or cutting the grass, from its 6 adjustable height settings, you will find the perfect size to treat the grass. If you are one of those people who trim the lawn on a regular basis, you will be able to finish each trimming session without wasting much time and effort.

Cutting Deck

To ensure cutting efficiency, the mower features a 21 inches cutting deck. Although it's not quite a large size, for a small to medium-sized lawn, 21 inches will be more than enough. Considering its powerful engine, you can expect it to provide you some quality mowing service every time.

For more convenience, the deck comes with three discharging systems. It discharges from its sides, rear, and another option is mulching. So, for every mowing purpose, the unit will provide you some hassle-free operation.


  • Powerful engine for great mowing performance.
  • Good traction with fast-propelling.
  • Adjustable cutting size.
  • Decently wide cutting deck.
  • Easy to start and operate the machine.


  • Loud operating noise.
  • Parts are mostly made of plastic.

Craftsman M215- is currently unavailable Please trY Honda 663020

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Gas-powered mowing machines tend to generate a lot of noise, which wakes up neighbors every time while mowing. That's why people prefer battery-powered ones for their small to medium-sized backyard or lawn. This is one of the most top-rated battery-powered lawn mowers in its class that you can buy.

Motor and Battery

Equipped with an 80V brushless motor, this adorable looking mowing machine can deliver some serious mowing and mulching performance. You can compare its power with a 160cc gas-powered mowing machine.

As you can expect from a cordless mower, the noise is quite low when it mows. It won’t bother your neighbors while mowing in the morning.

Running on a 4Ah battery, you will be able to cover a medium-sized lawn without much struggle. Once the battery is fully charged, it will provide up to 40 minutes of runtime, according to the manufacturer's claim. Note that the runtime varies based on the grass condition and how you use the machine.

Cutting Deck

To handle heavy-duty cuttings, the mower features a steel deck that assures you of durability. The deck is 21 inches. So, unlike smaller mowers, you can more efficiently cut grass of large and small sizes, spending much less time and effort.

The manufacturer implemented an innovative cutting technology that automatically increases the blade speed when needed.


Due to the self-propelled design, pulling the machine doesn't require much effort from the user. The rear wheels are 10 inches, which is more than enough for a small-sized lawn with uneven and rough terrains.


Similar to the previously reviewed ones, the unit discharges from its sides and rear position. Also, there is a mulching bag for a convenient mowing experience without making too much mess on the field.


  • Decent battery runtime.
  • Powerful motor.
  • Wide cutting deck.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Compact size.
  • Power-efficient operation.


  • Heavier and a bit difficult to maneuver.
  • Not for large mower.
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If you are looking for a lawn mower with a larger cutting deck and a more powerful motor, then this one from PowerSmart would suffice the need for mowing a large lawn.


Powered by a 170cc engine, when it comes to delivering the necessary power to handle lawn with large grass and other stuff, it performs like no other. Even if you need to use it for some heavy-duty mowing often, the engine can handle the workload without much struggle.

Cutting Deck

To mow more efficiently, this one features a 21 inches cutting deck. You will be able to finish mowing much faster without wasting much time. The larger deck covers more areas while cutting, and its powerful motor further compliments the additional cutting job.

The material of the deck is made of durable steel. Unlike conventional ones, the deck will not face issues regardless of how tough conditions it has to go through.

Height Adjustments

Whether your lawn requires a bit of trimming, cutting grass, weeds, or overgrowth stuff, you will be able to adjust the cutting height as per the cutting requirements. It's 5 height adjustment settings pretty much offer all things that you will need for lawn maintenance.


In the rear, the mower comes with 8 inches rear wheels to make traction a lot better and smoother regardless of the lawn condition. Be it rough or uneven terrain, the tires will provide you great control while running.


  • Great mowing and mulching performance.
  • Large cutting deck.
  • Adjustable cutting height.
  • Easy to maneuver on rough and uneven terrains.


  • Plastic base.
  • Has some design flaws.

Considerations When Buying a Best Wide Walk-Behind Mower

When you decide to purchase a walk-behind or self-propelled mower, half the work is done. This eliminates other types of mowers that we see in the market. However, there are still some considerations to make depending on your lawn size, mowing requirements, and comfort to make sure you get the right one.

Power Type

Gas-powered units are something that we are most familiar with. Some battery-powered models bring great convenience for the users.

Your lawn mowing requires a gas mower unit when the lawn is considerably big in size, ½ acre or more. If mowing is something that you occasionally care about, make sure you get a gas unit. Due to higher performance, these machines can handle the toughest cutting and mulching of longer and thicker grass.

For small to medium lawns or yards, a battery-powered lawnmower would be a good choice. However, you need to mow on a regular basis before the grass becomes too long and thick to cut. These battery units are less powerful than gas-powered ones. So, these are not for heavy-duty cutting and mulching.

Craftsman M215 159cc 21-Inch 3-in-1 High-Wheeled FWD Self-Propelled Gas Powered Lawn Mower with Bagger

Cutting Deck Size

Whether you own a small or big lawn, make sure the mower comes with at least 21 inches deck size. The larger the deck is, the more efficiently you will be able to finish the mowing job.

For a large lawn, a 22 inches deck won’t be sufficient enough. Get a unit with a wide area mower if you are okay with spending quite a lot of time on the maintenance of your lawn. I have enlisted a mowing machine.

Treating Grass Clippings

Cutting deck design highly influences where the grass clippings will be discharged.

Side-discharge units send the clippings back onto the lawn. This treatment is useful for tall or coarse grass. For thicker clippings, you will need to rake and dispose of them in a proper place.

The bagging system collects the clippings to make the lawn less messy. Thus, less cleaning after the mowing session. When mowing requires to clean a lot of leaves during the fall, this feature comes very usefully. Keep in mind that emptying the bag adds to your mowing time, and you need to dispose of the clippings anyway.

For mulching, mowers come with specially designed decks that allow the blade to cut in a smaller size. This makes the clippings fall onto the lawn, which adds nutrients to the soil. If you mow regularly, the grass won’t be too large, and mulching is perfect for such mowing requirements.

Thankfully, most of the lawn mowers that I have reviewed in this article are 3-in-1 compatible machines that provide you the benefits of all the above systems. No matter which treatment the lawn requires, those mowers will work according to that.

Height Adjustment

Different lawns require different cuttings. If you occasionally mow the lawn, then there you might have to deal with longer grass compared to those who mow periodically. Cutting, trimming, and mulching; these are the basic mowing treatment, and not all lawn requires the same thing.

Having the height adjustment feature allows you to change the cutting height to your desired size. Whether you just want to trim the grass and clippings or the lawn requires cutting the long grass, you get all the required settings to meet the needs.

This adjustment feature comes in two different forms; dual and single lever height adjustments. A single lever is okay for handling easier mowing, whereas dual-lever height settings ensure convenience and provide the best mowing results.


No matter how much you spend on a lawnmower, if the traction is bad, you will have a terrible mowing experience using the machine. Be sure to get one with relatively larger rear wheels. This will allow you to walk with the mower onto rough and uneven terrain with ease.

Having variable speed control will also add great convenience to the traction of the mower unit.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need a self-propelled mower?

People get self-propelled mowers for mowing a considerably larger lawn. You can also get one of these for a small yard if you want the convenience of using a walk-behind lawn mower. Unlike push mowers, it operates on its own. You just need to direct it to the right areas where mowing requires

2. What size walk behind mower do I need?

For a small yard, a walk-behind mower with 20 inches deck size will be more than enough. If you own a bit large lawn, be sure to get a 22 inches unit to mow more efficiently. For a ½ acre or larger lawn, 25 inches or wider cutting deck is preferable.

3. Is it OK to push a self-propelled mower?

Technically, you can push a self-propelled mower. It won’t affect the transmission of the machine. However, you might not be able to push the mower easily as these units tend to be a bit heavier than a push mower

4. Can self-propelled mowers be pulled backward?

You can pull a self-propelled mower backward without any issue if the blade and motor drive system is disengaged. Furthermore, you can tip the machine up and roll forward or backward conveniently. If your mower machine has a rear-wheel drive, then drive motor disengagement won't be necessary.

5. How long should a self-propelled lawn mower last?

The expected lifespan of a lawn mowing unit is more or less 10 years if the machine is well-maintained and its component is serviced.

Final Words

Hopefully, the resources and information above will help you to get the best wide area walk behind a mower to meet your needs. Once you get the machine, be sure to run maintenance work periodically. With maintenance and care, you can ensure a long service life from the machine with great performance