GreenWorks 25022 Review (20-Inch 12 Amp Lawn Mower)

| Updated On: June 5, 2021
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We are in an era where environmental degradation has caused a lot of negative impacts. Consequently, its preservation has been popularized as a measure to save it for the current and the coming generations.

Nowadays, many buyers are opting for devices that are more environmental-friendly and energy-efficient. While other types of lawn mowers have some relatively adverse environmental impact, Electric mowers bear zero emissions when used. Additionally, they depend on much cleaner and safer energy sources.

By using an electric lawn mower, you will achieve a lot in minimizing your carbon trace and the general effects of pollution on your household and the surrounding. The Greenworks mower 25022 is a dependable electric lawn mower that is affordable.

Greenworks 25022 is a unique lawn mower with a 20-inch wide cutting deck. It is a plug-in mower characterized by a width bigger than what is in the many similarly rated electric mowers and it is relative to what is found on many gas-powered mowers too.

The mower has many other exceptional features that render it one of the best plug-in electric mowers in the market today.  In this Greenworks 25022 review, we shall outline what it is best at, the cons and who we think should consider purchasing it.

GreenWorks 20-Inch 12 Amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower 25022

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The Greenworks 25022 has overall measurements of 36.7 by 19.8 by 22.5 inches. This implies that it will be sufficiently small to fit into any storage tool shed or area in your garage.

Additionally, it will be easy to move in close spots within your yard. However, even with that compactness, it still comes with a 20-inch broad cutting deck, making it one of the broadest among the lawn mowers available in the market. The mower includes 3 grass clippings management alternatives covered in the initial buying cost.

With this, you have the liberty of discharging clippings out of the sides of the lawn mower, get them in a rear kit for later composting or disposal or choose to mulch them back to your lawn soil for extra fertility.

It is worth pointing out that the drive system on this mower is you for it is a manual push variant. Last but not least, the Greenworks 25022 has a cutting surface area that covers a 100-foot throughout the closest outlet.

Key Features

  • Assembly

Because of its compact nature, Greenworks 25022 readily assembles. You just need to fold out its two handles and fasten them up. Next, you should attach the grass bag and that is all! You should be through with this process in approximately 10-15 minutes.

  • Size and Build

The 25022 Greenworks mower has a right-aligned deck measuring 20 inches. This size is suitable to handle a reasonable quantity of grass on every pass but sizeable enough to get into small parts and corners that you may need to work on in your lawn.

The greatest feature for this mower is the quality used to build it. While other comparable lawn mowers are usually designed using plastic, Greenworks 25022 has some metals parts (the deck).

Undoubtedly this makes it sturdy. Apart from this appealing feature of the deck, the handle and wheels feel solid too.

  • Adjustment

While working on your lawn, sometimes you might want to change the cutting height. This mower is designed such that you can adjust it as you wish. It has a lever that sets the height effortlessly.

You don’t have to turn your mower while adjusting the height! The lever does it very easily. Interestingly, the adjustment heights range from 1.5 to 3.75 inches. This gives reasonable heights to vary depending on the terrain and other features.

  • Impressive wheel sizes

This Greenworks  mower has 10-inch wheels on its back that makes it a better option. The goodness with these sizes is that it allows you to have full control thus making it simpler to drive it along the ground.

Besides, the design of the wheels makes it possible for a user to work closer to walls and fences on the lawn.

  • Folding Handle

Sincerely speaking, this is a feature that can be found even in other types of mowers. However, there is an additional feature that sets the handle for this mower apart.

It falls over quite easily hence minimizing the size of its store footprint to a great extent. From our experience, this feature is so helpful to anyone with a small garage or sheds for storage.

How it performs

  • Cutting strength

The cutting power for this mower is pretty satisfactory. While most lawn mowers cutting efficiency reduces with the rising level of humidity of the grass, 25022 mower does relatively well.

It is made to be used in both dry and wet conditions. Although our experience was that it does best in dry conditions, this mower still does remarkably well in the somewhat damp grass.

For both the bagging and mulching modes, Greenworks 25022 offers you what you expect from a lawn mower of that price. With its power, you can be certain that it will mulch both leaves and grass clippings into minute mulch that is notably good for any lawn.

  • Grass gathering

The Greenworks 25022 lawn mower excels in grass collection. It picks up every single grass clipping excellently. Also, the bag appears to fill very fast. With this lawn mower, taking the grass bag off and emptying it is an easy exercise. Further, reattaching is not a big deal.

  • Responsiveness

We found Greenworks 25022 to be pretty responsive. This can be greatly attributed to its bigger rear wheels that this lawn mower has. Despite the size of the rear wheels, the mower still maintains its desirable weight thus making it roll with a smooth motion on the lawn.

  • Operation

Starting Greenworks 25022 is easy. It just involves pressing a button and pulling up a bail. To stop it, you will simply need to release the same bail and that is all! The rest will only be a matter of pushing and pulling your lawn mower while making passes either up and down your lawn as you may wish.

Because of the ergonomic handle with a paddled grip, this lawn mower feels quite comfortable even with long hours of using it. Lastly, it is worth pointing out that Greenworks 25022 has a significant change regarding noise pollution. You can use it on the lawn around your house without the fear of too much noise.

Why We Like It

Greenworks 25022 lawn mower does well in various areas. These make it one of the excellent electric mowers to keep your lawn presentable throughout the seasons.

In brief, the appealing features for this lawnmower include the broad cutting deck that enables you to complete the work so fast, height adaptability, great grass clippings alternatives and relatively quiet when in use. Below is a detailed description of each of these features.

01. An extra-broad cutting deck :

If you have once had an experience of a lawn mower with small cutting deck then you will appreciate the design of the Greenworks 25022. With a narrow deck, you will spend more gas and time doing the job- something you won’t like to experience.

The goodness with Greenworks 25022 is that it becomes extra-broad on the cutting deck. With its 20-inches, trimming a medium size lawn is not a big deal.

Probably, this will have a positive impact on power consumption as well as the time you need to get the job done. The Greenworks 25022 outshines the industry’s standard length for the cutting deck (16 inches). With that, there is much to celebrate about it!

02. Clippings management :

Most of the industry lawn mowers tend to sacrifice on some peculiarities, notably when it comes to clipping management. From our experience, most manufacturers take grass clipping management as an optional feature.

Others may make it a standalone item that can be bought separately. For Greenworks 25022 lawnmower, you will get an in-house option advantage. Either, you can use the mulch kit while chipping the clippings into minute pieces, assemble the clippings in its bag for later disposal or make use of the standard discharge (side discharge).

03. The adjustment levels :

Cutting your lawn suitably depending on the prevailing season will make it have an ideal manicure. The Greenworks 25022 lawn mower comes with seven options for height adjustment.

These range from 1.5 to 3.75 inches. With these options, you have a wide scope of alternatives guaranteeing you an appealing lawn cut.

04. Low noise levels :

Generally, all gas-powered lawn mowers are known to be quite noisy. More so, they are associated with emissions that can be of negative impact on the environment.

On the other hand, their counterparts (electric mowers) have relatively quiet motors. This implies that they can even be used in areas where noise is not desirable.

05. Compact and space-economical :

Since Greenworks 25022 mower is not a motor-driven lawn mower, its compactness matters. Often, such mowers must be pushed along to make some passes on the lawn. It is on this point that its lightweight features make a difference. Further, its compactness is crucial in case you have a limited storage space in your tool shed or garage.

Why We Don’t Like It

Regardless of the many excellent traits, Greenworks 25022 still has some areas that require a bit of improvement. For your advantage as a buyer, you better be fully informed about its constraints before you make a buying decision.

01. Short power cord

The extent of the area in which you can work will always be limited by the length of the power cord of your mower. This is the case with all the plug-in electric mowers.

For Greenworks 25022 mower, you have a span of 100 feet throughout any area. This can be considered limiting though you can get a long cord to solve the problem. From an economic perspective, this can be an undesirable additional cost.

Again, the mower may sometimes hinder circuit breakers. Though most of the current circuit breakers can handle up to 16 amps, you might experience some problems with those made to hold a maximum of 12 amps.

02. It may experience some challenges in wet and tough grass

While Greenworks 25022 has its strengths, it isn’t the most robust lawnmower available. With some type of grass (tough grass such as the Bermuda or St Augustine varieties) in your lawn, the mower might have some challenges. In some cases, it may be bogged by pretty tall grass.

03. The general construction

The Greenworks 25022 has some areas that need to be reconsidered regarding its general construction. To begin with, its wheels are tall and broad which is ideal for any terrain of a lawn.

However, these wheels are also made of somewhat weak plastic, lowering its durability. Likewise, the body is constructed using an impressed metal instead of some strong materials like welded steel.

Certainly, this will compromise its quality as it will not be heavy-duty. Because of this, you might want to use it for a somehow short period to avoid wear and tear that can shorten its lifespan.

Additionally, rough use may void the limited warranty meaning you might not get replacements and repair services should you subject it to tough use following long-time use. For this, it is advisable not to use the Greenworks mower other tasks but only the primary and a bit easy domestic lawn care duties.

Who should purchase the Greenworks 25022?

Because of the long cable that may be needed to power it, this lawnmower is not ideal for people with a large lawn. Certainly, you wouldn’t want to handle that long code for some hours.

What is included in the Greenworks 25022 box?

  • Grass Catcher Bag

  • The Mower Motor

  • Side Discharge Chute

  • User Manual

The Comparison between Greenworks 25022 Mower and Greenworks 25142 Mower

To farther understand the mightiness of Greenworks 25022 mower, let’s see the comparison with its counterpart- the Greenworks 25142. In general, both of these mowers have a lot of similarities. For instance, both are corded. Notwithstanding, there are notable differences as illustrated below.

While 25022 is a 3-in-1 mower, the 25142 is a 2-in-1 mower without rear bagging. That implies that you will have to rake it in case you don’t mulch.

About the deck, the 25142 has a cutting deck measuring 16 inches as opposed to the 25022’s that measures 20 inches. The difference here means that 25142 mower is a bit limited in terms of what it can cut through. Additionally, the 25142 can adjust to 5 heights rather than 2.

To wrap up the comparison, 25022 is arguably powerful (though it is more expensive) than 25142 which has a 10 amp motor.

Final Words

Though there are the high-end alternatives in the market, there is no doubt the Greenworks 25022 lawn mower can do well small yards. Indeed, with 25022 corded lawn mower, you can still achieve a smooth lawn without spending a lot.

It may not be ideal for places with extensive yards or very thick grass owing to its motor power as well as the compact size. Nevertheless, for small yards with average to reasonably tough grass, the Greenworks 25022 does an excellent job.

Undoubtedly, two things are likely to impress you: the low noise levels that it produces during operation and how easy it moves around your yard. For its cost, you have everything you need to set your lawn apart from the rest in your neighborhood.

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