Husqvarna 7021p Review [2022 Update]

| Updated On: January 24, 2022
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According to GlobeNewswire, the US commercial lawn mower market may reach more than $4 billion by 2024. Statistics also show that over 5 million gas mowers are sold in the US every year. Additionally, it is said that 54 million Americans mow their lawns every weekend (Source).

All these statistics show how lawn mowing is essential to Americans. The difference lies in the type of lawnmowers that they use, either electric or gas. If you have been looking for a gas lawnmower and have difficulties landing on one, Husqvarna lawn mower 7021p, is for you.

In this husqvarna 7021p review, we want to enlighten you about the 7021p Husqvarna. You can then use the insights to make an informed decision.

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Husqvarna 7021P 160cc 21 Inch Walk Behind Push Mower

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Husqvarna lawn mower 7021p

Have you been searching for a gas mower that will offer you the ultimate power you need to lawn your garden? 7021p Husqvarna is exactly what you have been looking for. The mower comes with a 21-inch cutting deck, which makes it ideal for use on small and medium-sized yards.

The  7021p manual lawn mower comes with a Honda GCV series, 160 cc engine. The engine provides 4 hp to the mower.

The multi-function lawn mower offers you three options that you can use with the grass. You can decide to bag the grass, mulch it, or side-discharge it. For example, mulching can be much faster than bagging because you do not have to stop the mower and detach the bag.

Key Features

  • Cutting blade

The durability of the Husqvarna 7021p parts makes it stand out among other push behind mowers in the market. For instance, the cutting blade has a stampede steel construction. This not only makes it highly durable but also strong. As such, you can be sure that the machine can handle even the hard varieties of grass, such as the Bermuda grass.

  • Awesome heels

The wheels of the 7012p feature double ball bearings. This helps to give you an easy time when pushing the mower around. The rear legs are bigger than the front ones, and all this work to help you have it easy when pushing the machine around in your yard.

Additionally, the mower has five adjustment positions ranging from 1.25 to 3.5 inches in height. This is unlike other mowers where you can adjust all the four wheels with a single lever. Each wheel is adjusted with a separate lever on the 7021p lawnmower.

This prevents continuous wear and tear on one lever, which may lead to breakage.

It is effortless and straightforward to adjust the wheels, and it will take you a few minutes to complete.

  • Lightweight and compact

Despite coming with a powerful motor, high-quality engine, and an extensive and durable cutting deck, this machine is surprisingly lightweight and compact.

As such, it is easy for you to push it around as you mow the grass. The compact design also enables you to store the machine even in a store with limited space.

The mower weighs only 66 pounds, which means even people who do not have massive built muscles can maneuver with the mower effortlessly.

  • Versatile handle

There are four different settings where you can put the handlebar. This is unlike other mowers that come with a handlebar that is either too short or too long. With the Husqvarna, you can set the handle at your most comfortable position.

Another convenience feature that comes with the mower is that the handle can fold down on to the mower. This allows you to store the machine conveniently in a limited space. You can fold the machine’s handle and store it under a bench or on a lower shelf.

Lastly, the handle comes with padding that makes you comfortable as you push the mower. The mower operates through pushing, and therefore it requires that your hands should be comfortable to mow effectively.

  • 3 in 1 cutting system

With this mowing tool, you get three cutting options. You can decide to mulch your grass into small pieces that will quickly biodegrade. This turns your lawn into a composite where the pieces add more nutrients to your grass, making it healthier.

You also have the traditional bagging method where you attach a bag onto the mower where you put the cut pieces.

Lastly, you can use the side discharge option, which will help you spread your grass clippings in rows on your lawn.

  • Honda GCV engine

The lawnmower comes with a gas-powered Honda GCV engine with a 160cc capacity. The engine is easy to start. If you want to cold start it, you just slide in the choke lever, squeeze the safety bar and pull.

The mower is not the quietest in the market. However, it has a deep moderate tone that will not put you at loggerheads with your neighbors.

Honda company has a reputation for making high-quality engines. You can, therefore, be sure that your tool will be serving you for an extended period.

  • Effortless installation

You do not need to have undertaken a technical course to be able to set up the lawnmower. Once you get the mower from the box, you only need to extend the handle and then tighten it. After that, add oil and gas, and you are done. You can then enjoy your mowing experience.

  • Inexpensive

You will enjoy all these excellent features at a very reasonable price. This Husqvarna lawn mower reviews reveal that the cost of this mower is far much lower as compared with that of other similar products.

Key Specifications

  • Measurements
  • Weight
  • Wheels
  • Drive system
  • Power
  • Engine
  • Gas tank capacity
  • Size of cutting deck
  • Height adjustment
  • Warranty
  • 38.2” x 22.8” x 26. 2”
  • 66 pounds
  • 8” front/ 12” rear
  • Manual push
  • Gas
  • Honda GCV 160 cc
  • 0.24 gallons
  • 21 inches
  • 5 positions.
  • Two years


  • The mower is easy to maneuver because it’s lightweight and has a compact design
  • The double bearing on the wheels also make it easy to push around
  • It comes with a Honda GCV engine that is high quality and durable
  • The cutting deck is made of high quality and durable stamped steel
  • 3 in 1 cutting system gives you options to choose from in your mowing experience
  • You can adjust the adjustable handle to your preferred and most comfortable height
  • The handle comes with padding that makes you comfortable as you push around
  • The engine is easy to start
  • You get the lawnmower at an affordable price.


  • The padding on the handle is not of very high quality
  • The stability of the wheels is not always right
  • It does not work excellently with tall grass
  • Each wheel is adjusted differently, which can be cumbersome. This is unlike other mowers whose adjustment is with a single lever.
  • When you engage the mulching plug, it affects the performance of the mower. It will take a while to get fine pieces of grass clippings.

Who is Husqvarna 7021p for?

The Husqvarna lawnmower is for you if you want to maintain your lawn using a lightweight, compact, and easy to maneuver lawnmower. This tool is powerful and efficient, and you will have an easy time working with it.

Plus, the mower also provides you with three different mowing options, which include bagging, mulching, and side discharge. You can, therefore, choose your most preferred one.

The chunky and large wheels enable you to maneuver in different terrains. You can also adjust the height depending on the length of the grass. The adjustment will take you a few minutes to complete.

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What makes the performance of this lawnmower stand out?

When you buy a lawnmower, you want it to cut the grass effectively. But there are other things that you should also consider. When you compare the 7021p lawnmower and other similar products, the following performance areas make it stand out:

  • Collection of grass

You want a mower that will fill evenly and also pick the clippings effectively. This is where most lawnmowers go wrong. The rear bags may not fill evenly, or the mower may not collect the clippings as effectively as you would want.

The 7021p is not perfect in this area, but it certainly does a good job than the other competing products in the field.

  • Maneuverability

This is one aspect where the Husqvarna 7021p lawnmower performs exceptionally well. The ball bearings on the wheels enable the tool to maneuver smoothly around your yard. It also has small front wheels and large ones at the back that help you in turning the machines, especially in tight spaces.

What’s more? The mower is lightweight and compact, which offers you an easy time while doing your mowing business.

  • Mulching

Mulching is the technique where the mower produces extra fine clippings. The clippings are left on the lawn, and they become nutrients that make your lawn healthy. Some machines provide cuttings that are far from being fine. You can notice them from a distance.

On the contrary, the Husqvarna lawn mower 7021p does a good job of mulching. The clippings that it produces are so fine that you may not notice them unless you have a keen eye.

  • Cutting ability

With this lawnmower, you do not have to move over an area time and again for you to cut the grass. Just passing the tool once will do it for you effectively. The fact that it comes with a 21-inch strong steel cutting duck makes the cutting experience even better.

Not to mention the adjustable cutting heights that help you to adjust to your desired height.

Maintenance of the lawnmower

Gas-powered machines require regular servicing and maintenance to last for a long time. This is not exceptional for the Husqvarna 160cc 7021p lawnmower. The gas tanks of the machine should be emptied when it is not in use. The fuel should also not be in the charger for more than a month. You should drain the fuel from the machine each time before using or storing it.

You should also check, change, and measure the oil to ensure that you pour the right amount of oil in the mower. Also, make sure you keep the air filter clean by using a compressor or a soft brush to get rid of the debris.

Make sure also to change the spark plugs after every two years and use gloves for safety purposes while doing it. You can also sharpen the blade if you sense they are becoming blunt.

Frequently Asked Questions​

  •  Is Husqvarna 7021p self-propelled?

No. You have to push the machine around during your mowing process. The machine is lightweight. Thus, you should not have trouble pushing it.

  • What kind of oil should I use on the machine?

Husqvarna has its lubricants that it recommends for use on their products. The mower has a Honda GVC engine. Honda also has its recommended lubricants for use. To be on the safer side, consider using the company’s recommended oils.

  • Do I need to add any fuel additives before using the lawnmower?

You do not need any additives for the machine to work. It has a different tank for the fuel and a different one for the oil.

  • What makes the 7021p lawnmower stand out?

The lawnmower stands out because of its affordability as compared to other competing products.

It is also unique because of the three in one cutting system that it offers. As a user, you can decide to mulch the grass, side discharge it, or bag it.

Final Words

If you want to the power of a simple manual push lawn mower, then you should consider taking the Husqvarna 7021p 160cc 21 inch walk behind push mower. The machine is easy to set up, use, and maintain. It is lightweight and has a compact design, which gives you a comfortable time while pushing it around. It also offers you various cutting options and height adjustments so that you can have the perfect lawn cut that you desire.

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