Best Dump Cart for Lawn Tractor Reviews in 2023

| Updated On: January 28, 2023
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Looking for good quality dump carts for your desired lawnmower so that you can have a better experience with your gardening activities? You’ve clicked on the right link then because when it comes to picking the right dump cart suitable for lawn tractors, we’ve got you covered.

For people who love gardening and are always opting for tools to make their gardening activities smooth and well defined, purchase must be made with proper efficiency.

We have listed some of the most high-quality dump carts. This is so that you can make your choice among different variations and choose the best dump cart for lawn tractor wisely.

Top 7 Best Dump Cart for Lawn Tractor

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Our Top Picks

[amazon bestseller=”Garden Dump Cart” items=”3″ template=”table”]

Budget Friendly: Gorilla Carts GOR4P

  • Quick-release dumping system
  • Perfect for lawn and garden professional
  • 600 pounds load capacity
  • Easy to maneuver

Editor’s Pick: Polar Trailer Clam LG7

  • Quick release tipper latch with tilt & pivot frame
  • Beginner Friendly
  • 600 lbs load capacity
  • Ensure exceptional durability

Also Great: Agri-Fab 45-0101

  • Foot level dumping mechanism
  • Universal hitch
  • 750 lbs load capacity
  • Steel bed construction with scratch resistant design

Types of Dump Cart

It is very likely to make a mistake purchasing dump carts for your lawnmowers if you’re not acquainted with the features you need to look for. You should be well aware of the construction material you need to have in a dump cart, and what price you should be paying for them.

Some dump carts have utility trailers, made of polymer or plastic while some have well-defined steel. Moreover, some are designed to carry heavy loads and any amount of dump to be cleared off while some are designed to carry light load only. Price may also play a significant factor in choosing a dump cart.

So it’s important to know what category of dump cart you’re looking for your tractor. There are four categories of dump carts to choose for lawnmowers. These categories are mentioned with their characteristics and price point below to make your choice as per your requirement:

  • Steel Trailer (200$-500$)

With a removable tailgate, there is no requirement of an additional shovel to dump your freight if you have this kind of dump cart. Being on the pricey side, this particular one has a fantastic feature of long-lasting durability and easy handling ability.

Although its drawback is its sensitivity towards rusting, it has tough interior providing maximum strength to carry heavy loads.

  • Plastic Tub Trailer (80$-120$)

They designed it for one time uses, occasional loading, and to carry light load easily. This one is a quick option for those who want something simple for their mowers. Although it does not have a very long durability, its price point is cheap compared to its functions.

Moreover, it still works wonders for a pretty long time when it comes to carrying light freights.

  • Poly Tub Trailer (150$-250$)

Unlike plastic tub trailer, this particular one has a high level of durability with an interior built with good quality plastic, resistance to corrosion, and suitable for lightweight loads only. Also called poly dump carts. It also has a cheaper price point compared to other dump carts available in the market.

This is a better option for those who do not want to settle for something simple as a plastic tub trailer and also do not want to invest a lot in a dump cart.

  • Structural Form Trailer (250$-500$)

This trailer comes at a high price, but the quality lives up to the price with its ability to carry heavy loads and construction material equipped with the tough polymer. Therefore, it imparts optimum strength and durability when it comes to picking for a lawnmower to function properly.

Likewise, keeping these categories in mind and assuming what kind of dump cart or garden trailer is suitable for what kind of gardening activities, it is possible to choose while selecting a suitable dump cart for your lawn tractor.

7 Best Dump Cart for Lawn Tractor Reviews

It can be pretty unnerving spending hours trying to figure out which dump cart can be suitable for your tractor or mower based on its features and abilities in the gardening space. Moreover, there are so many options to choose from. It is very likely that you would end up with something unsuitable for your requirements.

However, keep your worries aside as we’ve come up with some fantastic options keeping all your preferences and characteristics in mind. You can just pick one with no doubts in mind.

1. Gorilla Carts GOR4PS Poly Garden Dump Cart

[amazon box=”B01BECQAWO”]

This cart falls under the poly trailer category accommodated with steel frame and pneumatic tires so that you can get a mixture of top-notch features in a single poly cart. A unique combination of features and an affordable price makes this cart suitable for any purpose.

Its basic feature is the ability to carry heavy loads to an optimum level despite its poly structure. It bears the capacity to hold 600 pounds of load, which is remarkable in such a price. The patent dump technology ensures quick pick up and clearing off.

Gorilla Carts GOR4PS Poly Garden Dump Cart with Steel Frame and 10-in. Pneumatic Tires, 600-Pound Capacity, Black

Moreover, it is easy to maneuver, easier to clean off, and does not involve any difficult process. Besides, it does not contain a steel interior, so it does not comprise any rusting procedure.

Another feature is the presence of pneumatic tires due to which the cart feels lightweight, and the air pressure gives it a cushion effect overall. The handle of the cart is padded straight to ensure a firm grip, and it helps in maintaining balance.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a cart with patent dumping features, easy loading facilities, and serves as a non-rusting option, this will be the one worth the price.


  • Affordable price point
  • Easy maneuvering and maintenance
  • Pneumatic tires to impart cushion effect
  • Can accommodate a capacity of 600 pounds
  • Contains patent dump technology that helps in quick carrying and unloading
  • No steel interior so devoid of rust issues
  • High durability and good quality 


  • It can be pretty tough assembling all the nuts and bolts to unite as a whole
  • Tires can be non-refillable, which can be an issue in urgent situations

2. Gorilla Carts GOR866D Heavy-Duty Garden Poly Dump Cart

[amazon box=”B00B0C683K”]

This poly dump cart comes with versatile and highly defined features. It’s the perfect option for you to adopt if you’re looking for a cart that will serve you for a long time.

As a heavy-duty poly dump cart, it is equipped with a two-in-one convertible handle and a capacity of 1200 pounds so that you get maximum built-in features with the price you’re paying.

The cart comes with a patent release dumping ability, which is a plus point in case of fast-paced unloading activities. On the other hand, the capacity of 1200 pounds makes it more sophisticated for carrying heavy loads and freight without any risk involved.

Moreover, the two-in-one handle is convertible and thus imparts optimum grip and steadiness. The handle can be pulled by hand or fitted behind the tractor to use as well. Also, they equipped it with easy maneuvering capacity, which is a must-have for lawn mowers and tractors to work efficiently.

Gorilla Carts GOR866D Heavy-Duty Garden Poly Dump Cart with 2-In-1 Convertible Handle, 1,200-Pound Capacity, 40-Inch by 25-Inch Bed, Black Finish

Accordingly, the interior comes with a rust-resistant high strength poly bed and a steel frame as the exterior to provide a classic finish to the product. There is a provision of high-quality pneumatic tires which adds more to the flexible movement of the cart. This helps the dump cart to withstand any terrain.

Overall, this is the best heavy-duty garden cart available out there at such a moderate amount of price.


  • Moderate price point
  • Two-in-one handle
  • Easy maneuvering
  • 1200 pound capacity
  • Patent cart release dumping facility
  • Rust-resistant option
  • Highly durable 
  • Easy to arrange with highly defined nuts and bolts
  • Provided with pneumatic tires


  • Non-refillable tires

3. Polar Trailer Clam LG7, 600 Pound Capacity | Best Dump Wagon

[amazon box=”B07MY5PS2W”]

Polar Trailer is a much shorter cart for a lawn tractor. However, this cart still performs as well as any large-sized ones would do due to well-developed built-in features, highly equipped loading, and unloading abilities.

This cart is an excellent alternative to wheelbarrow in any garden activities being provided with shielded ball bearings and a capacity of about 600 pounds. The polar trailer clam comes with an interior of polyethylene, which is resistant to both rusting and corrosion; and the interior quality serves as a very durable one.

It also comes with a powdered steel frame in the exterior to give a smooth finish to the cart and is equipped with a tilt and pivot frame to it. With a 600 pound capacity, this cart is easily used for quick loading, carrying heavy freight, and unloading dump without any maintenance issue involved in the process.

Likewise, another additional plus point to this cart is the quick release tipper latch which also adds to the rapid release of the dump. The ball bearings are shielded and sealed, the alignment is perfect, and you can easily use the cart following the lawn tractor or mower.

So, this is, in fact, a very suitable cart to choose if you’re a beginner and are looking for something easy to maneuver.


  • High durability
  • Rustproof and resistant to corrosion and dent
  • Excellent quality of polyethylene in the interior
  • Easy maneuvering and easy arrangement of nuts and bolts
  • 600-pound capacity
  • Sealed ball bearings
  • Quick-release tipper latch present


  • The size is somewhat smaller than usual dump carts

4. Gorilla Carts GOR6PS Heavy-Duty Poly Yard Dump Cart

[amazon box=”B01BECQF6K”]

At a higher price point, this particular cart is an updated design of a heavy-duty garden cart accompanied by a wide range of features. This is best suited for your garden tractor. A higher capacity of 1200 pounds and larger tires withstand and tackle uneven terrain, and that makes this yard cart worth every penny.

This dump cart is equipped with a mixture of certain features. All these features of the cart serve to load heavier weights starting from larger stones, bricks and other dirt and gravels. It also has high-quality patent dumping characteristics to ensure the easier and quicker release of the dump.

Accordingly, a max load capacity of 1200 pounds makes the facility stronger by adding more to the outstanding features. Moreover, it is provided with larger and stronger tires. They are pneumatic in nature and designed to tackle any uneven and rough terrain to make unloading dump smoother and easier.

Likewise, this cart is easy to maneuver and requires low maintenance. It’s equipped with high durability and rigidity. Besides, the interior is made up of good and strong quality of poly material. That’s to ensure the bed is free of rust, denting, impact, and corrosion.

However, the exterior steel is good enough to provide a better finish to the entire product. Also coming up with a two-in-one convertible handle, it is easier to maintain balance and guarantee firm grip to the cart or even hook it behind the mower.


  • Durable material of high-strength poly
  • Rustproof and devoid of chances of corrosion or dent
  • Two-in-one convertible handle
  • Patent dump system
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Requires low maintenance
  • Tackles uneven terrain
  • 1200 pounds capacity


  • Higher price point
  • Non-adjustable spring tension

5. Agri-Fab 45-0101 750-Pound Max Utility Tow Behind Dump Cart

[amazon box=”B000NBEA8E”]

Depending on the requirement for the respective mower or tractor, this unique steel dump cart comes in variable options to choose from. In a single pack or a pack of two or three, this cart is a budget-saving option if you want something for the long run, but you do not want to change very often.

In this case, it is better to opt for the package options than the single ones where the pack of 3 is available at a high price point.

Under the category of a high-quality cart, this cart has an inner material of steel bed which has been checked in terms of durability and flexibility. The interior is made of steel; this is proven to be scratch and dent resistant and has a smooth finish to it.

However, a powder coat finish on the exterior is a plus point to the longevity and durability of the cart. With a capacity of 750 pounds, this cart is useful in bearing moderate to heavyweights and is associated with easy loading and unloading of the dump.

Similarly, the ball bearings are sturdy and provided with grease fittings to ensure better durability and steadiness. Also, the presence of reliable pneumatic tires adds to the ability of the cart to move against uneven terrain and rough pavements.

Furthermore, the tailgate is also developed well, making the cart built-in firmly to ensure a better design at this price and, also this the best dump cart for atv.


  • Built-in steel bed which is also scratch-resistant
  • High durability
  • Smooth texture
  • 750 pounds capacity
  • Easy and quick loading
  • Sealed ball bearings associated with grease fittings
  • Easy to maneuver and has good alignment
  • Resistance against uneven terrain


  • Prone to rust due to steel bed
  • High price point

6. Ohio Steel 4048PHYB Pro Grade Hybrid Tractor/ATV Cart

[amazon box=”B00381XUZU”]

The Ohio Hybrid Tractor Cart is a dump cart of superior quality with an innovative design equipped with a steel bed and highly defined built-in features. Probably this is one of the widest capacities in dump carts. Moreover, this cart is provided with 1250 pounds, respectively.

On the other hand, its principal features include remarkable loading and unloading abilities accompanied by highly modified towing and braking potential. With a highly durable quality of heavy-gauge steel bed, this cart is resistant to scratches and occasional dents.

At a capacity of 1250 pounds, this cart is strong and sturdy enough to carry a substantial amount of load, and the patent dump release helps in unloading the dump quickly to save enough time. The ball bearings are not sealed but are provided with grease fittings to assist in proper steady movements.

Correspondingly, this cart performs great compared to most dump carts at high prices which are equipped with pneumatic tires to cross rutted and bumpy terrain. The hitch system provided is articulated, and that makes it easier to perform. It is also easier to maneuver without maintenance issues involved with it.

Subsequently, it is easier to clean as well considering the smooth textured surface. At the same time, the tire pressure requires inflation manually, but it can get pretty easy on the first few usages. Overall, this is a great cart to choose if you’re looking for good quality at a reasonable price point.


  • High strength gauge steel bed
  • Resistant to scratches and dents
  • Easy maintenance and maneuvering
  • Easy loading and unloading of freight
  • Pneumatic wires strong and tough
  • Tackles against bumpy and rutted terrain
  • Firm grip and adequate balance maintained during movement 


  • Prone to rust due to steel body
  • Bearing balls are not sealed
  • It is hard to arrange nuts and bolts according to instructions

7. Polar Trailer 8262 HD 1500 Tandem Axle Utility Cart

[amazon box=”B000N4T8HE”]

With multiple well-defined and built-in features, this cart is the ultimate dump cart for your lawn tractor to be used efficiently. This is the best choice for the sole purpose of smooth and easy gardening and associated activities.

This is equipped with heavy-duty load capacity and additional features, and surely this is a product you must-have for your lawn tractor to perform well. It’s resistant to rust, impact, dent, and any kind of corrosion.

Hence, it makes the cart more durable and highly functioning since it’s made with an interior of heavy strength polyethylene body.

Similarly, the exterior is of steel and completed with a powdered texture to give a lustrous, and smooth finish. With a higher capacity to withhold load, this cart is equipped with 1500 pounds of capacity, making it perfect to use in case of heavy weighing loads.

The quick-release tipper latch present in this cart helps in easy unloading of the dump. Besides, the additional features include a tandem axle, a tilt, and a pivot frame. The tandem axle is a plus point in case of activities that require a much longer distance to cover up, rendering assistance in tackling bumpy terrain.

Subsequently, it can balance heavy loads to clear off without much involvement of pressure. The ball bearings are sealed and sturdy enough to withstand the burden.

So, considering all the points in favor, it is undoubtedly clear that this dump cart is a remarkable option for those who are searching for superior quality carts for lawnmowers.


  • Good quality of polyethylene material
  • Resistant to rust, dent, impact, corrosion
  • Highly durable
  • Has a capacity of 1500 pounds
  • Easy and quick loading and unloading of dump
  • Tandem axle present
  • Highly developed tilt and pivot frame
  • Sealed ball bearings


  • Hitch adjustment may be somewhat difficult
  • No greasy fittings around the sealed ball bearings of the cart

Features to Consider before Buying

Purchasing a dump cart for your lawn tractor requires a lot of strenuous work to go through.

You have to research most of the products available in the market based on their built-in features, the material of both interior and exterior, principal factors like how much capacity it has, presence of patent dumping system or quick release latch, etc.

Moreover, some additional features like a two-in-one convertible handle, whether tandem axles are present or not, the ball bearings are sealed or not and grease fittings accompany it or not, all these points should be considered before making a purchase of the suitable dump cart for your tractor.

It is also essential to keep in mind whether the price point is good enough for the product you’re paying. All these features are significant when it comes to purchasing dump carts online. Thus, you can have a fair decision while choosing the best garden dump cart for your tractor or mower.

Additionally, it is also necessary to remember all the drawbacks and downsides of each product so that you can be assured whether it will affect your requirements or not.

However, the efficiency and durability of a dump cart depend on all of its features and how well they are defined in terms of price and quality. Therefore, studying the criteria of each product beforehand through proper reviews will not let you down.

Some of these features are explained in detail:

  • Material

Dump cart materials vary from plastic, poly to metallic (mainly steel) depending on the price point and a few downsides to each material. The efficiency of a dump cart depends mainly on such material as it forms the interior of the dump cart.

For instance, carts made mostly of steel metal are more tilted towards the expensive side, but they are more stable and sturdier than plastic or polyethylene. Their downside, however, includes the disadvantage of developing rust after some time due to being metallic in origin.

Although there are ways to get rid of the rust, it is always necessary to know the drawbacks before purchasing the product.

On the other hand, plastic and poly are free from rusting options, and they even come cheaper than metal. They are also immune to corrosion and heavy form of impact and dents. But their strength and rigidity are very less compared to metallic ones.

So, a choice must be made based on suitability keeping in mind that there are more or fewer downsides involved with all forms of materials for dump carts.

  • Loading Capacity

The most important feature that you look for in a dump cart is the loading capacity. If you’re looking for a cart that is made for heavy-duty work and hauling heavy weighted loads, you should look for a strong built-in cart with a minimum capacity of 1000 pounds.

At the same time, if you want something for casual and lighter uses, a mere 600 pounds one would do the job. The loading capacity varies from cart to cart and should be chosen based on the requirement. Most expensive and superior quality dump carts bear a capacity of 1000-1250 pounds and even higher.

  • Patent Dump Technology

Another important feature that must be included in a dump cart is the provision of patent dump technology. This patent dump system ensures quick and easily managed pickup of loads and fast unloading so that you can execute quick clearing off and the task becomes easier.

This technology is an essential part of a dump cart which helps easy management of previously loaded freight and clearance of existing load in a short period. It is a more flexible system than manual loading and unloading of freight.

  • Mobility

The mobility of a dump cart depends on the nature of its wheels and thus plays an important role in determining how efficient the dump cart is. The wheels should be stable and spacious enough so that there is no restriction of movement.

Besides, the tires should be pneumatic and rigid enough to withstand any uneven, rutted or bumpy terrain. So, it is necessary to choose the dump cart with efficiently working wheels to ensure that the mobility is not compromised to any circumstance.

  • Additional Features

Additional features that you can look for in a dump cart are the condition of the handle. Although most dump carts come with padded straight handles to ensure proper grip and balance, the ideal handle should be a two-in-one convertible handle. This sort of handle is a plus point for those who want steadiness in their carts.

Moreover, this kind of handle can be pulled by hand or fitted behind the tractor to use so that it serves as a dual-purpose tool in the cart. Besides, a dump cart should also be checked for adequately arranged ball bearings.

Although most dump carts are equipped with sealed ball bearings, the ideal choice should be the grease fitted ones.

Ball bearings associated with grease fittings ensure better durability and protect from frequent wear and tear by maintaining enough sturdiness. Thus, these additional features play a marked role in determining the efficiency of a dump cart and its durability in the long run.

Therefore, keeping all these features in mind and crossing out all the downsides and drawbacks aside, you can easily opt for a suitable dump cart for your lawn tractor or mower with the help of the concise listing we’ve made for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have some of the most commonly asked queries regarding dump carts for lawn tractors. We hope it will clear all the confusion you might have after going through the product specifications and descriptions:

Q. Do the wheels arrive pre-greased or do you have to do that before working with the cart?

A: No, they do not arrive pre-greased. The fittings are already there, and you will need to add grease through the grease fitting.

Q. How long would it take to remove the wheels for storage?

A: The wheels come off in less than 3 minutes for storage, with one cotter pin per wheel.

Q. Is it hard to put together?

A: If your question pertains to attaching the rack kit to the trailer, you need two people for alignment and holding while drilling the top edge. It is not difficult if you read the instructions carefully.

Q. How do you operate the dump feature?

A: Just pull away from the cart towards the long pull handle, and that will release the cart to dump.

Final Words

It can be concluded that dump carts for lawn tractors can be tiring to choose from a wide range of options available online. So, we’ve made it easier for you to check different variations of dump carts that are well suited for use. Hence, you can make up your mind to choose the best dump cart for lawn tractor wisely.

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