The Best Lawn Sweeper in 2021 | Reviews & Buying Guide

| Updated On: December 22, 2020
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A beautiful looking and well-maintained garden and lawn increase your home beautiful while bringing peace to your eyes. However, maintaining a perfectly neat and clean garden is often considered a tedious chore.

Especially when fallen leaves reign all across the garden and lawn, at this time, your only weapon to fight against the leaves and keeping the grass length in a manageable condition is the best lawn sweeper. This unique lawn caring toll will soon upside down your lawn maintenance task into a blissful heaven.

A quality lawn sweeper comes useful in removing twigs, pine needles, fallen leaves, and grass clippings in a short time. So, you can save both your energy and time (think about all the unnecessarily expenses of calling a professional cleaner), which you can sooner or later invest to improve your garden.

 That’s the sole reason; we came up with these 8 top-rated and highly efficient lawn sweeper reviews to maximize your garden experience at the least labor and cost.

Top 9 Lawn Sweeper

Our Top Best Lawn Sweeper



Our Rating


Agri-Fab 45-0492 Lawn Sweeper, 44-Inch

Hopper Size

25 Cubic Feet


44 Inches


Tow Behind

Amazon's Choice

Sun Joe AJ801E 13 in. 12 Amp Electric Scarifier + Lawn Dethatcher w/Collection Bag, Green


8 gallons

Raking Width

12.6 Inches


Walk Behind

Amazon's Choice

Agri-Fab 45-0320 42-Inch Tow Lawn Sweeper,Black

Hopper Size

12 Cubic Feet


42 Inches


Tow Behind

Amazon's Choice

Lawn Tractor Leaf Bag

Hopper Size

54 Cubic Feet


3.2 Pounds



Agri-Fab 45-0218 26-Inch Push Lawn Sweeper, Black

Hopper Size

12 Cubic Feet


26 Inches



Karcher 1.766-303.0 S650 Cleaner, Yellow/Black


4 gallons


22 pounds



Ohio Steel 42SWP22 Sweeper Spiral Brush, 42"/22 cu. ft.


12 Cubic Feet


42 Inches



Brinly STS-427LXH 20 Cubic Feet Tow Behind Lawn Sweeper, 42-Inch


20 Cubic Feet


42 Inches


Tow Behind

Top 9 Reviews of Lawn Sweeper

When someone comes to your home, the first thing they notice is your garden. So, you can quickly create a positive impression on them with a tiptop garden. Our picked top ten lawn-sweepers will come beneficial for you in these chores.

 So, let’s get-go.

Most Powerful Buying Guide of Lawn Sweeper

With a proper lawn sweeper, your property looks well-maintained and pleasant. Similarly, your property values increase. But for all these, you need to purchase a good lawn sweeper at first.

Below, we have piled up all the necessary things that you may need to consider while buying lawn sweepers for your home.

Lawn Size

Your lawn size will determine which types of lawn sweepers you need to buy. For instance, the push forward lawn sweepers will effectively maintain 2,000 sq. ft area. On the contrary, tow-behinds with tractor attachment are beneficial for maintaining large gardens.

Sweeping Path

The size of the sweeping width influences its working time and efficiency. A lawn sweeper with a broader sweeping path can cover a more extensive home garden and lawn in a short time.

Here's are some thumbnail rule for the sweeping lawn path-

• 20-26 inches sweeping path for small gardens.

• 26-38 inches sweeping path for medium gardens.

• 38 inches to above for maintaining large gardens.

 So, measure the lawn size and select accordingly.

The Hopper Capacity

The hopper is an attached collecting bag that will collect all the leaves, grass cuttings, pine needles, and other debris that the device sweeps. Ideally, with bigger leaves and grass collection of the hopper, you will require lesser emptying functions.

However, the hopper's debris managing capacity is linked with the sweeper size. So, pay attention to the bag. A larger bag will increase your efficiency.

Height Adjustment

When you start cleaning the garden debris, the height of the hitch comes remarkably beneficial if you can adjust it. The ability to raise or lower the hitch level can make differences in your lawn cleaning.

Also, the height of the handle for push forward sweepers is necessary to match with your height.


The components of the lawn sweeper and wheel size will influence the durability of the sweeper. The pneumatic tires are suitable to run on an uneven surface. Some manufacturers provide plastic tires, which are beneficial for rough surfaces.

And with bigger wheels, moving the sweeper becomes easy.

Easy Assembly and Operation

Sometimes the assembly of a lawn sweeper can be a tedious job, and you may not find it suitable. So, focus on getting a fully assembled lawn sweeper. And even if it requires some assembly, make sure you have a comprehensive instructions guide.

Also, the sweeper should be easy to operate. So, look for the ergonomic handle and a lightweight sweeper, so you don't often feel the work pressure. Also, the easiness will make the cleaning chores fun.

Durable Constriction

We don't buy a tool for one season use and throw it away. Am I Right?

So, you must aim for a durable lawn sweeper that you can use effectively for a few seasons. Since it needs quite a good investment, durability is a must. Thankfully, most lawn sweepers are made of quality material to withstand a few years of wear and tear.

Budget and Warranty

Lawn sweeper's pricing varies extensively. So, check for the features you want and fix your budget accordingly. And when a lawn sweeper fits into your budget and ticks most of your boxes, go and get that.

And 1 or 2 years of warranty will add icing on the cake.

Why Use A Lawn Sweeper?

We understand that you might be maintaining your lawn and garden even without a lawn sweeper. So, why do you use lawn sweeper?

To put it simply, the best lawn sweeper will increase your effectivity in managing the garden better.

  1. First off, a lawn sweeper will work way faster than the manual cleaning of the garden. So, you can save time. The sweeper will successfully and suitably perform hours of cleaning in a few minutes only.
  2. A sweeper will reduce your workload immensely. You just collect the debris from the ground in the hopper bag, and when the lawn sweeper container is full, just dispose of the waste.
  3. Since you don't have to work manually, it also reduces your physical stress. Thereby, you enjoy a healthy lifestyle.
  4. An uncleaned and unhygienic garden is susceptible to plant disease. As lawn sweeper removes every inch of debris, your yard will not catch any incurable and chronic illness.
Debris may sometimes hamper the growth of the garden grass. A lawn sweeper permits the grass to grow better in a clean condition.

How Does Lawn Sweeper Work?

Inside the lawn sweeper, you will find brushes with high-velocity. The brushes are connected with the axles, and the axles are linked with the wheels. The wheels are rotating, and this rotation creates enough power letting the brushes or brooms work on the surface.

Thus, the brooms carefully sweep all debris and collect them in the hopper of the lawn sweeper. And when the bag is full, you can dispose of the trash and get back beside the work of cleaning.

How to Empty a Lawn Sweeper?

Emptying a lawn sweeper isn't a challenging task. Thereby, you must know the emptying of the hopper technique. You will find a lawn hopper or collecting bag attached at the rear section of the sweeper.

When the brushes collect the debris, it puts them in the hopper bag. So, the bag gets full quickly, and at this time, you need to empty it. You need to unhook the bag from the sweeper and dispose of the debris into the trash.

That's it.

Types of Lawn Sweepers?

You can get a lawn sweeper in different shapes and customizable options to fit into your budget and gardening necessity. There're three types of lawn sweepers you will commonly see-


As you may get from the name, this kind of sweeper is towed behind the garden tractors. Tow behind lawn sweepers is mostly used for large garden maintenance and needs more support.

Push Forward

You have to push the sweeper forward with the handle. Usually, these are lightweight and compact. The push-forward sweepers are suitable for residential yard and garden maintenance and small commercial spaces.

Power sweepers

This sweeper will run with either electricity or gas. Since these are power-driven, the sweeper is powerful enough to clean ample commercial space.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What are the most reliable and famous lawn sweeper brands?

When it comes to managing your garden correctly, the lawn sweeper is the best cleaning tool for the inventory. Also, it needs to be durable and easy to operate. On top of it, lawn sweepers can be both powered or manual.

And after sorting out these factors, most garden experts tag Agri Fab, Karcher, and Ohio Steel and Brinly as the top lawn sweeper brands.

  • Can I mow lawn grass with a lawn sweeper?

Although lawn mower and sweeper work differently, you can use the sweeper to mow the grass. But it requires some minor adjustments. You'll need a discharge deck with the sweeper so that it pick up the grass cuttings correctly. Also, attach it with the sweeper.

  • Can a lawn sweeper collect rocks?

Yes, the tow-behind lawn sweepers are powerful enough to collect pebbles and small stones from the garden ground. However, push-forward sweepers will have difficulty collecting rocks due to its lesser power.

Final Words

If you want to manage your garden accurately and increase its monetary value having the best lawn sweeper is a must. It will reduce your workload and make your lawn look attractive and perfect.

In this case, our top ten picks are all exclusive with endurance, efficiency, and high-performing capacity. Just, at first, measure your garden and lawn cautiously, fix the budget, and pick yours.

Also, we recommend you maintain the sweeper from time to time so that it delivers the right performance seasons after season.