When Is The Best Time To Buy A Lawn Mower

| Updated On: June 8, 2021
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Is there the best time to buy a lawn mower? Yes, you’ve got to purchase your lawn mower in Mid-June, Late August, and Fall if you want to get the best deals without compromising quality while keeping the budget within the manageable prices.

Although there are other times that you may need to consider buying your lawnmower (we shall also discuss them here), these are the most appropriate of all.

Why Are Mowers Affordable At Some Specific Times?

A lawn mower can consume a lot of space on the sales floor. Given that many stores have limited spaces to keep their unsold items, it implies that all leftover lawn mowers have to be sold before the commencement of the next mowing season.

Sincerely speaking, it takes more than what everyone thinks to know a suitable time to purchase a new lawn mower. Luckily, there are some particular times of the year that the prices are the most economical. Let’s get straight to the chosen times of the year to purchase a lawn mower.


The need for lawn mowers will be at the climax during early summer and late spring. With that in mind, June doesn’t seem the best time for buying one. Nevertheless, there is a narrow window in particularly in mid-June when the greatest number of retailers have some big deals thus you need to be on the watch.

In many cases, the top-notch lawn mower retailers and manufacturers have their best discounts and deals on the week before the famous Father’s day. Why is this the case? Well, lawn mower normally makes an excellent present for fathers, and therefore, most retailers will wish to optimize their sales during this time by reducing their prices.

Late August

Late August is the known time for preparing stores to bring in brand-new additions for fall. Since most stores will require more space for the brand-new goods, a good number will offer notable discounts on their lawn mowers to attract more customers and subsequently move fast since they take a significant space.

Indeed, August is not the month for maximum discounts for mowers but you can still get good deals than purchasing a mower at the peak of the summer.


Undoubtedly, fall is the choicest time to invest in a mower and I’m sure you will get some superb discounts. Since in autumn, the temperature starts to drop down, and the mowing period is ending, the lawn mower sales are at their best prices for anyone looking for the most affordable prices.

At this time between September and December, most utmost retailers are in need to sell their lawn mowers hence they will give bigger discounts and price reductions. This is because the retailers need to create space for stocking other goods for the famous Christmas season and winter including snow blowers.

Additionally, no retailer would like to keep a mower in their stores until the next mowing period since brand-new models are normally brought to the market every season.

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Other Periods You Need To Look At


Apart from the end of a growing season, there is another season you can perfectly time and get great discounts. During public holidays- particularly in summer, people major in garden activities. Also, at this time, gardening tools have affordable prices.

Because retailers will want to make massive sales at this time, most will slice their prices to gain a competitive advantage over their rivals. If you want to try the end-of-season deals, getting a retailer with an affordable guarantee is an impressive step.

Be sure to confirm the warranty even as you make your best purchase. Remember that a low purchase may not make sense if the mower will be problematic thereafter.

Check on Innovations

Companies are in a constant bid to improve their products for better sales. This is because some shoppers are simply interested in the latest products. For anyone who is after an opportunity to buy cheap products, this might be the time.

Since products that are ‘outdated’ suddenly become less charming compared to the new arrivals, the retailers will need to get rid of them at lower prices to give space to allow the latest models.

Here, the price cuts can be huge. Note that that doesn’t mean that the quality is compromised! You will have a mower with the same qualities as the models in the market before the latest models were introduced. That means if they had good reviews before, the mower will still serve your needs are expected.

If you are interested in prices rather than the latest innovations, you will understand one thing: Modernized products don’t necessarily mean much improvement. That implies that you need to take your time and buy the older models at the appropriate time as the perception of the new models may affect the prices of the older models as well.

Final thoughts

While trying to get the best discounts for your mower, remember to strike a balance between quality and saving some coins. Don’t compromise quality for a big discount! You’ll end up spending more on the repair of your lawn mower and that can be costly.

Take your time and conduct some research on mowers before shopping. You’ll be surprised that there more than you know from other shopper’s reviews. There will guide you to make an informed decision on the cost versus quality and favorite.

Feasibly, our ideas on the best time to buy a lawn mower have been an eye-opener. To sum it up, keep in mind the demand and effects of it on the prices of products- when the demand is high, the prices will be high too.

Again, don’t forget that timing is paramount. Discounts and low price seasons don’t last so be opportunistic!

Lastly, be keen on other things other than prices even as you look for the best time to buy a mower. Do your analysis properly and you will be certain that you will get a mower that meets your demands.

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