When to Mow New Grass

| Updated On: April 1, 2023
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New grass should be mowed when it reaches three inches in height. This allows the grass to develop a strong root system, as well as provide adequate shade and protection from weeds. Before you mow, water the new lawn thoroughly so that it is easier on your lawnmower blade and to prevent matting down of the blades of grass.

Set your mower’s highest setting for the first few cuts until the grass has reached its desired length of two to three inches tall. After that, you can reduce the cutting height gradually over time until you reach your desired level. Be sure not to cut more than 1/3 of each blade at a time and never scalp or remove all growth, this will damage delicate new grass shoots!

Finally, make sure never to leave clippings behind after mowing; doing so may lead to an accumulation of debris which can choke out necessary sunlight needed for healthy turf growth.

Whether you’ve just planted new grass from seed or recently laid sod, it is important to wait a few weeks before mowing. This will give the grass enough time to establish its root system and get off to a strong start. Generally speaking, it’s best to wait until your new lawn has reached about three inches in height before mowing for the first time.

Once you do begin mowing, be sure not to cut more than one third of the total blade length at once; this helps make sure that your grass stays healthy and keeps growing!

When to Mow New Grass

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Can You Wait Too Long to Cut New Grass?

Waiting too long to cut new grass can cause a variety of issues, including damage to your lawn’s root system and an increase in weeds. If you wait too long, the roots of the grass will become overcrowded and begin competing for nutrients, resulting in weaker grass overall.

In addition, leaving longer blades of grass on your lawn provides a better environment for weed growth as they are able to receive more light than shorter blades. Cutting your new grass regularly is important for keeping it healthy and free from weeds!

Does Cutting New Grass Help It Grow?

Yes, cutting new grass can help it grow. When you cut your lawn regularly, the grass blades are trimmed evenly, which allows for more light to reach the soil and encourages healthy growth. Additionally, when you mow your lawn at a higher blade height (3-4 inches), this will promote deeper roots that can withstand drought conditions better than shallow rooted turfgrass.

Regular mowing also removes dead leaves and debris from the surface of the soil so that nutrients are not being wasted on those materials instead of being used by the grass plants. Finally, regular mowing promotes stronger stolon’s and rhizomes in many types of turfgrasses which leads to thicker stands of turfgrass with fewer bare spots between plants.

When Should I Mow My Lawn for the First Time in Spring?

The best time to mow your lawn for the first time in the spring is when the grass reaches a height of 3-4 inches. This will ensure that you’re able to cut off approximately one third of the grass blades, which helps promote strong and healthy growth.

Before beginning, make sure to check for any early signs of weeds or pests; if present, it’s important to address them before mowing so as not to spread them further throughout your lawn.

Additionally, using a sharp blade on your mower will help produce a clean cut with minimal damage inflicted upon the grass blades.

How Do I Know If My Grass is Dry Enough to Cut?

The best way to determine if your grass is dry enough to cut is by feeling it. If the grass blades are stiff and crunchy when you touch them, then they are most likely dry enough to mow. Additionally, another good indicator that your grass is ready for cutting is if it stands up straight on its own without falling over when lightly prodded.

If any of these conditions apply and there has been no significant rain in the past few days, then it’s a safe bet that your grass is probably dry enough for mowing.

When To Mow New Grass after Overseeding and First Mow

Waiting Too Long to Mow New Grass

Waiting too long to mow new grass can be a mistake. If you wait too long, the grass will become tall and can lead to weak and spindly growth. Additionally, waiting too long may cause the roots of the grass to dry out and become more prone to disease or pests.

To prevent these issues from occurring, it is important to mow your lawn as soon as possible after germination – typically when the blades are about three inches high – for optimal health and growth.

Should I Cut New Grass before Winter

It is generally recommended that you wait until spring to cut your new grass for the first time. Cutting too early can cause winter damage and can weaken the root system of young grass, making it more susceptible to disease or extreme weather conditions during winter months.

If your new lawn needs a little extra help in preparation for colder temperatures, consider mowing it one last time before winter sets in but make sure to set the mower blades at a higher setting than usual so as not to cut off too much of the blade length.

When to Mow New Grass After Overseeding

When overseeding a lawn, it’s important to wait until the new grass has grown in and is at least 3 inches tall before mowing. This will ensure that the new grass is strong enough to withstand being cut and will help keep any weeds from taking hold of the newly seeded area.

To achieve the desired height for your lawn, allow the seedlings 2-3 weeks growth time before using a sharp blade mower set at its highest setting.

When Can I Walk on New Grass

When planting new grass, it’s important to wait until the turf has been established before walking on it. Depending on weather conditions, this could take between two and six weeks. During this time, you should avoid mowing or applying fertilizer until the grass is fully rooted and can withstand foot traffic.

When in doubt, check with your local lawn care professional to ensure that your new grass is ready for use!


Mowing new grass is an important step in establishing and maintaining a healthy lawn. The height of the grass should be tailored to individual needs, providing enough length to protect the soil while still keeping it looking neat.

In general, mow new grass when it reaches 3-4 inches high and only take off one-third of its blade length at a time. With proper care, your lawn will remain lush and green for years to come!

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