Organic Weed Killer Actually Works Or Is Just a Waste Of Money?

| Updated On: June 3, 2021
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There has been a lot of controversial debate as to whether using organic herbicides is an effective weed control strategy or not. If you are in doubts on this matter or it is hard to choose between organic and chemical herbicides, then this article may provide more than useful information to you.

Research has shown that organic weed killers are effective in what they do, and the good news is – they save the environment at the same time. Unlike chemical weed control procedures a natural week killer is bio-friendly and doesn’t pose any environmental threats.

Organic herbicides are certainly very efficient with controlling weeds in gardens, yards, sidewalks, and lawns. Fiesta is a good example of an organic herbicide designed for lawns and is very good at controlling broadleaf weeds such as clover and dandelions.

Further, organic herbicides deploy different techniques in killing weeds by altering the physiological structure of the waxy cuticle. Based on the type of weed and time applied, organic weed killers can be divided into three categories.

Pre-Emergent Organic Weed Killers

If have plans on planting new grass consider using this category, this type of weed killer is only to be applied before the grass is planted. The reason for this is to avoid damaging the grass. As much as these organic herbicides may be safe for animals and humans, they are not safe for any plant, well unless if it is a selective herbicide.

Pre-emergent organic weed killers are effective in controlling common broadleaf weeds such as dandelion and can be used to eradicate crabgrass as well. Gluten-8 OLP is a good example of a weed killer in this category. As its name suggests, it is a mixture of corn gluten meal and other organic solvents. You can expect it to delivers the first results in just a couple of hours!

Selective Organic Weed Killers

Selective organic weed killers fall into the category of the best products for lawns with turfgrass. This type of organic weed killers for grass only eliminates the weeds it is formulated to kill. It has zero effects on any other plant that is not on its hit list.

The name Fiesta must be familiar, especially after mentioning it earlier. Fiesta is an organic weed killer that belongs to this category. It provides an instant blighting effect on specific types of weeds and doesn’t affect turf grass in your lawn negatively in any way. So far, it stands out as an excellent organic weed killer for grass.

Non-selective Organic Weed Killers

This category of organic weed killers has a multi-purpose killing effect on perennial, annual, and biennial weeds. All weed killers in this category are savage, which means that it would be best to apply them before planting the grass in order to avoid destroying it.

Some of these commercial organic weed killers may be a bit costly, but if you look at it from a different angle – using these compounds has bountiful benefits to the environment. The benefits outweigh the cost especially if you want to protect the environment.

Using organic herbicides on your lawns is especially beneficial to the health of children and pets. Children and most pets spend a good part of the day on grass lawns. This can be hazardous if the lawn is sprayed with a chemical herbicide.

The good news is that you can now cook up your own homemade organic weed killer. If you find the commercial organic herbicides too expensive, this may come as a great option.

Homemade Organic Weed Killers

Making homemade organic weed killer is very easy. The needed compounds are usually readily available or very cheap.


Regular household vinegar has been used as a natural weed killer for decades now. The 5% acetic acid in regular vinegar is very toxic for freshly sprouting weeds and dries them up in an instant, so make sure not to mistake these two. All you need is a weed spray to help you deliver the mixture to your target. A weed sprayer is not very expensive and you can save even more by going for the simple hand a weed spray.

Corn Gluten Meal

Organic compounds such as corn gluten also belong to the category of natural weed killers. This method of weed control is specifically effective for lawns. Corn gluten meal works by preventing the germination and growth of newly sprouting weeds. It also provides the grass with the needed nitrogen. Spray this in an optimal watering schedule, and the grass on your lawn will bloom and look fresh all the time.


Organic weed killers indeed do the job. Even though they may be a bit expensive, they are still highly beneficial to human health and are environment-friendly. If you cannot afford the commercial type, go for the homemade options. Either way – you will get rid of that boring weed and freshen up the overall appearance of the landscape.

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