How to Start John Deere Mower

| Updated On: May 3, 2023
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1. Start by ensuring your mower is parked on a flat, level surface and the parking brake is engaged.

2. Check that there are no objects around the mower that could be caught in the blades or thrown from under the deck when you drive over them.

3. Make sure all safety switches are in place and fastened securely before starting your engine.

4. Insert the key into the ignition switch and turn it to the “ON” position but don’t start the engine yet- this will activate the fuel pump for priming purposes only.

5. Turn seat/operator presence control to “ON” as indicated by the green light illuminating on the dashboard- this ensures the operator has been seated properly before starting the engine (safety feature).

6. Push the primer bulb 8 times until firm, then release the throttle lever to the slowest speed setting (“Choke”) while holding down the clutch/brake pedal simultaneously with the right foot; press the starter button with the left hand until the engine starts (or after 5 seconds of cranking if necessary).

7. After the engine has started, release the clutch/brake pedal slowly while pushing the selector knob to desired speed setting (usually medium) – if the transmission doesn’t engage smoothly, repeat step 6 one more time prior to proceeding further; adjust the throttle as needed based on conditions such as terrain or amount of grass being cut at any given moment during operation of the machine.

  • Prepare the Mower: Before you can start your mower, make sure that it is properly prepared for use.
  • Check the oil level and fuel tank to ensure they are both full before attempting to start.
  • Push primer bulb: Locate the primer bulb on your John Deere mower and press it several times until fuel fills the carburetor bowl.
  • This helps get gas flowing into your engine so that it will run smoothly when you turn on the key switch.
  • Turn Key Switch: Once you have pressed down on the primer button, go ahead and turn the key switch located near or just above where your feet rest while operating your mower in order to activate its electrical system.
  • Pull Choke Lever: If this is a cold start of your John Deere mower, then pull out its choke lever located next to or near its spark plug in order to reduce air intake during startup as well as help with fuel delivery which should result in an easier starting experience overall for you!
  • Push Start Button: Finally, after all of these steps have been completed successfully, push down firmly on its starter button or pull-start cord (depending on what type of mowing machine you own) until the engine begins running normally again – usually within a few seconds depending upon how old/newer model yours is!

How to Start a John Deere Riding Lawn Mower X300

Starting your John Deere X300 lawn mower is easy! Make sure the fuel tank is full, turn on the ignition switch, and press down on the brake pedal. Move the motion control lever to neutral, then pull out the choke knob slightly.

Turn on the engine switch; this will send power from your battery to start up your machine. Once you hear it running, push in the choke knob slightly until it clicks into place. Now you are ready to mow!

How to Operate a John Deere Riding Mower

Operating a John Deere riding mower is easy and convenient with the help of its various features. To start, ensure that there is enough fuel in the tank and check for any safety-related issues before getting on the machine. Once you are ready to begin, use your foot to press down firmly on the brake/clutch pedal and turn the ignition key to start it up.

For added control and comfort, adjust both seat settings according to your size – this will also help maintain proper posture while operating. Finally, when it comes time to stop or park your mower, always remember to disengage the blades by turning off the engine first!

How to Start John Deere Mower Zero Turn

To start a John Deere mower zero turn, first locate the ignition switch and make sure it is in the “OFF” position. Then press down on the clutch/brake pedal to activate the safety switch. Next, move the throttle control lever to its lowest setting and push down on the operator presence control bar (also known as the dead man handle).

Finally, turn on the ignition switch and your John Deere mower zero turn should be ready!

How to Start a John Deere Diesel Tractor

Starting a John Deere diesel tractor is easy and straightforward. Begin by opening the hood of your tractor and checking to make sure there is enough oil in the engine, as well as that all belts are tight and connected correctly. Next, locate the fuel tank and fill it with clean diesel fuel.

To start your tractor, turn on the ignition switch, depress the clutch/brake pedal all the way down, open the throttle lever slightly while turning up the key until you hear an audible click from inside of your dash panel. Finally press firmly on both foot pedals simultaneously until you feel resistance; this will engage pre-heat glow plugs which will allow for a successful cold start of your John Deere Diesel Tractor!

How to Start a John Deere Mower L120

Starting your John Deere Mower L120 is simple and straightforward. Begin by ensuring the area around you is clear of any obstacles, people, or animals. Next, make sure the parking brake lever is in the engaged position and insert the key into the ignition switch.

Turn it to “on” then press down on the accelerator pedal five times until it clicks before turning it all the way to start, allowing for a few seconds for starting up before releasing it again. Once running, you are ready to begin mowing!

How to Start John Deere Mower


How Do I Start a John Deere Riding Mower?

To start a John Deere riding mower, make sure the fuel tank is full and the battery is charged. Next, check that the oil level is appropriate and that all safety devices are in place. Once these checks have been completed, set the parking brake by engaging it with your foot or hand depending on which model you own.

Then turn the ignition key to ‘on’ position; engage the choke for cold starting (if applicable). Finally, press down on the primer bulb (if available) four times then pull out the choke lever and turn the ignition key to the start position until the engine starts up.

How Do I Get My Riding Lawn Mower to Start?

To get your riding lawn mower to start, you will first need to ensure that the spark plug is in good working condition and has been properly connected. You may also need to check the battery terminals for corrosion and clean them if necessary. After this, it is important to make sure that the fuel tank is full of fresh gas and that all other levels such as oil, coolant, and transmission fluid are adequate.

Once all of these items have been verified, you can turn on the key switch located by the steering wheel and attempt to start your mower engine. If it does not fire up right away then there could be a problem with a clogged air filter or faulty ignition system which should be attended too accordingly.

Why Won T My Mower Start John Deere?

If your John Deere mower won’t start, the most likely cause is an issue with the spark plug. If the spark plug is worn or fouled, it can prevent your engine from starting. To check if this is the problem, remove and inspect the spark plug.

If it’s dirty or damaged, you’ll need to replace it. Additionally, make sure that there is enough oil in your mower; if not, add some and see if that fixes the issue. You could also have a bad fuel filter which will need replacing as well as checking other common issues such as air filter problems and a lack of fuel supply.

How Do You Start a John Deere Riding Lawn Mower L110?

To start a John Deere riding lawn mower L110, first park the machine on a flat and level surface. Make sure that any bystanders are at least 50 feet away from the area. Engage the parking brake and place the transmission in neutral.

Put your foot on the brake pedal and turn off all attachments or implements that may be attached to the mower deck. Insert the key into ignition switch, then press down on clutch/brake pedals and hold them in position while you turn key to activate starter motor for three seconds maximum; release key as soon as engine starts running. Push choke control knob inward if necessary until it clicks into starting position before releasing it again after engine has started running smoothly.

Finally, disengage parking brake by pushing lever forward, select desired speed using shifter levers located under operator’s seat, then slowly release foot from brake pedal to begin operating your John Deere riding lawnmower L110 safely!

How to start and operate a John Deere D140 tractor


Starting a John Deere mower is easy with the help of this guide. You will need to check that the parking brake is engaged and ensure that all safety switches are in proper working order before starting your engine. Once you have done these steps, you can begin by priming the fuel system, checking for oil levels, engaging the choke lever, and turning on the ignition switch.

After this process is complete, your John Deere mower should be ready to start up without any difficulties. Following these simple steps will help you get your lawn care job done quickly and efficiently while keeping yourself safe from potential accidents or injuries.

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