How To Make Lawn Mower Fast | An Effective Guide

| Updated On: November 15, 2021
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If you want to turn your lawnmower to as fast mower for some reason then you have landed on the appropriate article. Here, we shall give you the basics of what will make your lawn more fun and rather than simply a domestic mower. Here you can get answer of how to make lawn mower fast.


While the ultimate performance of your lawn mower is a primary concern, the safety aspect is also paramount. This is because as you turn your machine into a fast-moving mower, the modifications will call for more tough measures to cope up with the resulting performance.

A fast lawn mower usually goes at least 50MPH. If you have some experience of a stock tractor go fast, you will appreciate that doing the same to a lawn mower is a bit complex. With that in mind, you will note that altering the brakes, frames, engine wheels and steering is inevitable.

It is not recommendable to make a stock mower go fast- it is possible but you can easily get injured, something we don’t want to experience. Therefore, make your safety a priority. Additionally, if you wish to race with your mower, be sure to check and stick to the rules attached to it.

The common practices include putting the respective safety gear like gloves helmet, boots as well as long pants. Mowers safety rules and regulations will vary. Finally, it goes without saying that your mower has to have certified jet skis style safety equipment (tether witch).

Normally, a lawn mower should automatically shut down if it falls off.  Otherwise, if it keeps racing after falling off, you will surely get hurt.

Re-adjust the pulley system

For a belt-driven lawnmower; altering the sizes of its pulley system will have an impact. For a greater impact, try to expand the size of the pulley at the rear of the lawn mower. Also, do the same to the pulley connected to the engine. After making these adjustments, you will realize some changes in the speed of your lawn mower.

Compress the spring

To make your mower move faster, also consider reducing the size of the spring located on its governor. If you may wish you can also completely withdraw the spring. With this approach, you will turn your lawnmower into a racing vehicle.

Increase the amount of fuel in your tank

By ensuring that your lawn mower runs with a filled gas tank, you will also be assured of a higher speed that is accompanied by efficiency. Further, make sure to top up the oil when necessary. In other words, maximize the fuel to achieve greater speed.

Changing the lawn mower Build

This approach involves the most challenging parts of the system. It is about changing and obtaining some parts. Be it a corded electric lawn mower or any other type of mower, this is somewhat constructing a new vehicle with all its entire parts.

Note that lawnmowers are normally one-off variety makes and finding the various components that will function efficiently will be a challenge. You may want to source for the clutch, tires as well as the right gearbox. Luckily, you can find the gearbox online on the Amazon platform.

For the go-cart tires, I’m sure you can get them on any online platform that sells go-cart components. About the rear axle parts and the brakes, you will also search them online for your favorite.

Other components that are necessary for this adjustment to work include chain, spindles and Front axle, sprockets, axle hangers, high resistance engine parts, Gas lever, and some electrical components.

It is important to note that some of the components required can be designed by hand. The goodness is that some of these parts like wheels, rear axle, hubs, brakes, spindles, and hangers are go-cart items. Actually, some motorbike parts and golf-cart components can also work.

Additional tips to improve your mower speed

Because the speed at which your lawn mower operates is limited by the sharpness of its blades, ensuring that the blades are sharp is inevitable. Generally, the blades should cut the grass with ease and with consistency. In that case, you will not have to double-passing some parts of the lawn to achieve accuracy and uniformity.

To maximize the operation of your engine, fill the gas tank with fresh gasoline 92 octanes and above. Remembers your engine will operate smoothly and fast compared to when using lower octane combustible. Finally, ensure that your lawnmower’s tires are well inflated.

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