How To Edge a Lawn

| Updated On: March 27, 2023
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To edge a lawn, you will need an edging tool. You can use a spade, half-moon edger, or power edger. Start by running the edging tool along the perimeter of your lawn.

Be sure to go all the way around so that your lawn looks neat and tidy. After you have finished edging, be sure to clean up any debris that may have been left behind.

  • Mow the lawn with a rotary mower, using a sharp blade.
  • Set the blade height to 2-3 inches.
  • Trim around the perimeter of the lawn with a string trimmer.
  • Be sure to use fresh line in the trimmer for best results.
  • Edge along sidewalks, driveway and other concrete surfaces with an edger.
  • You can use either a manual or power edger for this step.
  • Spread a thin layer of mulch around flower beds, trees and other areas you don’t want grass to grow
  • This will help keep the grass from encroaching on these areas in the future.
How To Edge a Lawn


What is the Best Way to Edge Your Lawn?

When it comes to lawn care, one of the most important tasks is edging. Not only does it create a clean, sharp look around your property, but it also helps to keep grass and weeds from encroaching on your garden beds or walkways. While there are a number of different ways to edge your lawn, some methods are definitely better than others.

Here’s a look at what we believe is the best way to edge your lawn: The first step is to use a string trimmer or lawn edger to create a clean line along the edge of your lawn. Be sure to go slow and be careful not to damage any existing plants or hardscaping features.

Next, use a spade or half-moon edger to cut into the turf about six inches from the edge of your lawn. This will create a nice, deep trench that will help contain any rogue grass or weeds. Now it’s time to fill in the trench with mulch, stones, or another type of border material.

This will help further discourage grass and weeds from creeping into your flower beds or other areas where you don’t want them.

How Can I Edge My Lawn Without an Edger?

It’s not difficult to edge a lawn without an edger, but it does require a little more time and effort. The best way to do it is with a string trimmer. Simply run the string trimmer along the edge of your lawn, being careful not to go too deep and damage the roots of your grass.

You may need to make several passes to get a clean edge. Another option is to use a spade or shovel to create a trench along the edge of your lawn. Then, use a garden hoe or other tool to remove any sod or dirt that extends beyond the trench.

How Do You Manually Edge a Lawn?

If you want a neat, tidy lawn then edging is essential. It’s also relatively easy to do yourself with just a few simple tools. Here’s how to go about it:

1. First, mark out the area that you want to edge using string or garden hose. This will give you a straight line to work with.

2. Next, use a spade or half-moon edger to cut along the marked line. Be sure to angle the tool away from the lawn so that you don’t damage the grass roots.

3. Once you’ve cut all around the perimeter of the lawn, use a trowel or small shovel to dig out any remaining grass or soil that’s between the edging and the lawn. You want there to be a clean, sharp line between them.

When Should You Edge Your Lawn?

It’s generally recommended that you edge your lawn at least once a month. This will help keep your lawn looking neat and tidy, and also help to prevent weeds from encroaching on your grassy area.

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How to Edge a Lawn by Hand

It’s springtime, which means it’s time to start thinking about lawn care. One of the most important aspects of keeping your lawn looking its best is edging. Edging gives your lawn a clean, defined look and can make all the difference in the overall appearance of your yard.

There are a few different ways that you can edge your lawn, but doing it by hand is usually the best option. It may seem like a lot of work, but it’s actually not too difficult if you have the right tools. Here’s what you need to know about how to edge a lawn by hand:

1. Choose the right tool for the job. A spade or an edging knife will work well for most people. If you have a larger lawn, however, you may want to consider using a power edger.

2. Start by cutting along the edge of your driveway or sidewalk. This will give you a straight line to follow as you edge around your lawn.

3. Use short strokes and be careful not to dig too deeply into the ground. You just want to remove any grass that is hanging over onto the pavement or concrete.

4. Once you’ve gone all the way around your lawn, use a garden hose or string trimmer line to create a clean, sharp edge between your grass and the pavement or concrete.


Edge your lawn to give it a neat and tidy appearance. You can use a spade, an edging tool, or a half-moon edger. Be sure to wear gloves and protective clothing when handling sharp tools.

Start by cutting along the edge of the lawn where it meets sidewalks, driveways, or flower beds. Use a back and forth motion to create a clean line. Repeat this process around the entire perimeter of the lawn.

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