How To Burn Leaves | Quick & Easy Way

| Updated On: May 11, 2021
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The morning few of your lawn filled with autumn’s leaves is eye-catching. However, once they fall, the number of tasks you will need to undertake is not a walk in the park. Unless you are living the tropical areas, you better think about the best way to burn leaves.

Although you may burn leaves in your lawn to minimize them, pruning the already weathered branches and leaves and heaping them is recommended. Be sure to take the proper measures to protect yourself and the surrounding home.

With the suitable preparation, precise location, and appropriate dousing, you will like to conduct your work without the risk of the fire getting away.

The time that you choose to burn lawn leaves is paramount. Always try to restrict burning them to windless or near windless seasons. If possible, don’t burn them while the wind is blowing at a speed of 10 miles per hour or more. You can go the extra mile and confirm the best conditions with your area fire department.

There may be permit requirements and laws that govern burning in some states. These will vary from state to state and cities as well. In some places, burning is prohibited during particular times of the year. For instance, local authorities only permit burning during specific daytime hours.

How to burn leaves in your lawn

Before burning leaves in your lawn, consult with your nearest fire department to be sure about the suitable point and the spacing specifications. Usually, make sure to place the heap to burn at least 150 feet away from other people’s properties and about 50 feet away from your home.

Apart from houses, also pay attention to garden sheds, fences, and garage where combustible substances may be stored. In case your property is adjacent to a woodland area or grassland burn the leaves at least 25-30 feet inside the property line.

A lawn sweeper should help you to heap the leaves appropriately be burning them. Remember that burn barrels are outlawed in many places since they burn at low heat thus resulting in high quantities of pollutants in the environment.

Assembling The Burn

For safety reasons, keep the lawn leaves fire utmost 3 feet high and 4 feet in circumference in terms of the fire on the burn area. While burning, observe the quantity of the remaining leaves and add more leaves to the fire instead of forming one huge pile that may be unmanageable.

Another important thing to keep in mind is to avoid using gasoline or fire starters. Before lighting the leaves, make sure you have a hose, metal rake, and shovel ready.

While the rake allows you to easily return some branches that may be mixed with the leaves from rolling off, the shovel will enable you to smother fires with dirt when there is an emergency.

Fires demand consistent attention hence, avoid multitasking. Preferably, do it when you are free from other chores. If you have to attend to other things, have someone to keep an eye on the fire for you.

As soon as you are done burning the leaves, douse the fire preferably with water, and spread out the resulting coals if any. Continue dousing and spreading it until the whole area looks completely cold.

One of the gains of burning leaves is that you can enduringly remove all the leaves on your lawn in one operation. Therefore, if you stick to the rules and the safety measures you can light the fire from a good position and relax as you manage it.

Remember this is a task aimed at making your lawn and general environment better and you should try to achieve exactly that. Take the responsibility of keeping yourself and your property safe at every step. Indeed, there is no point in having a spectacular lawn while your health is jeopardized by smoke and its related health risks.

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