How to Sharpen the Lawn Mower Blade?

| Updated On: April 3, 2023
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To sharpen the lawn mower blade, begin by turning off and unplugging the mower. Then lift the blade up with a pair of pliers and secure it in place using a large wrench or vice grip. Next, use a metal file to sharpen each side of the mower’s cutting edge.

Make sure to move the file in one direction only; going back-and-forth can damage the blade’s teeth. Continue sharpening for two minutes on each side until you have achieved an even beveled angle along both edges of the blade.

When finished, remove any burrs from around each tooth with a wire brush before reattaching it to your lawnmower.

Step 1: Remove the Lawn Mower Blade – Before you can sharpen the lawn mower blade, you need to remove it from the mower. Depending on your model of mower, this may require a few steps such as removing a nut or bolt with an adjustable wrench and then lifting off the blade. Be sure to use caution when handling sharp blades!

Step 2: Secure the Blade in Place – Once removed from the lawn mower, secure the blade in place so that it does not move during sharpening. This can be done by clamping down on one end of the blade with a vice grip or other similar tool.

Step 3: File Away Any Nicks or Notches – Use a metal file to smooth away any nicks or notches on both sides of your lawnmower’s cutting edge. Make sure to keep filing until all imperfections have been filed away, leaving behind only a smooth surface along each side of the cutting edge.

Step 4: Sharpen The Edge – With fine-grit sandpaper (at least 150 grit), begin lightly rubbing against each side of your cutting edge in order to sharpen them up and bring back their original shape and sharpness level. Keep rubbing across both sides for several passes until they reach your desired level of sharpness.

Step 5: Reinstall The Blade onto Your Mower – After completing step 4, reinstall your newly sharpened blade onto your lawnmover following all safety precautions given by its manufacturer’s manual.

How to Sharpen the Lawn Mower Blade?


Can I Sharpen My Own Lawn Mower Blade?

Yes, it is possible to sharpen your own lawn mower blade. However, this task requires the appropriate tools and a certain level of skill in order to do so safely and effectively. First off, you will need a secure workbench or area that can support the weight of the mower blade as well as protective eye-wear for safety reasons.

After that, you’ll need either an angle grinder with a grinding disc attachment or alternatively a file tool specifically designed for sharpening blades. If using an angle grinder be sure to set it at its lowest speed setting since higher speeds could cause damage due to excessive heat generated by friction.

Once all pieces are in place, carefully position the mower blade on its side and evenly grind away any rusted areas followed by filing until desired sharpness is achieved before being reattached back onto the machine.

How Do You Sharpen a Lawn Mower Blade by Hand?

To sharpen a lawn mower blade by hand, you will need a file or grinder, an adjustable wrench and safety glasses. Start by disconnecting the spark plug of the mower to prevent accidental starting. Then, use an adjustable wrench to loosen and remove the nuts that hold the blade in place, taking care not to lose any of them as you work.

Place your blade onto a flat surface before using either a file or grinder (depending on how dull it is) in short strokes away from yourself to sharpen each cutting edge evenly.

Finally, reattach the blade with your adjustable wrench and replace all components such as nuts or washers that were removed during disassembly. Once everything is secure again, reconnect your spark plug and you’re ready to get back out there!

Can You Sharpen a Lawn Mower Blade Without Removing It?

Yes, you can sharpen a lawn mower blade without removing it. To do so, you will need to use an angle grinder or bench grinder. Start by unplugging the mower and turning it over so that the underside of the cutting deck is facing up.

Put on safety glasses and gloves for protection when handling sharp objects. Securely clamp down the blade in a vise or attach it to a stable surface with screws or bolts before beginning to grind away any nicks in the metal using your chosen grinding tool.

Be sure to follow all safety guidelines provided by your tool manufacturer and work slowly and carefully until you achieve a sharpened edge on both sides of the blade.

What is the Best Tool to Sharpen Mower Blades?

When it comes to sharpening mower blades, the best tool for the job is an angle grinder. Angle grinders are versatile tools that can easily handle tough materials like metal and make them razor-sharp in no time. They come with different attachments so you can choose the one that works best for your particular mower blade size.

It’s important to wear safety equipment such as protective eyewear when using an angle grinder and to follow all of its instructions carefully – if done properly, this should be more than enough to get your blades back in shape!

How to Sharpen a Lawn Mower Blade | This Old House

How to Sharpen Lawn Mower Blades Without Removing

Sharpening lawn mower blades without removing them is an easy and convenient way to keep your lawn looking its best. To sharpen the blades, you’ll need a hand file or grinding wheel. Begin by checking for any nicks in the blade edge and filing out any imperfections with your hand file.

Then, use the grinding wheel to lightly sand away any burrs on the cutting edges of both blades. Finally, finish off with a few passes of your sharpening stone across both blade surfaces for a razor-sharp cut every time!

Best File for Sharpening Lawn Mower Blades

Sharpening the blades on your lawn mower is essential for a healthy and attractive lawn. The best tool to use when sharpening your lawn mower blade is a mill bastard file.

This type of file provides the most accurate sharpening results, as it cuts away metal evenly along its full length while producing fine teeth which can be adjusted easily depending on how sharp you want them to be.

Additionally, using this type of file will give you more control over the amount of metal being removed from the blade during sharpening, helping to ensure that all edges are kept even and consistent for better cutting performance.

How to Sharpen Mower Blades With Angle Grinder

Having sharp mower blades is essential to ensure your lawnmower works efficiently and effectively. An easy way to sharpen the blades of your mower is by using an angle grinder. To do this, you will need to remove the spark plug wire from the spark plug for safety purposes, then unbolt each blade individually with a wrench or socket set.

Once removed, secure it in a vise and use the angle grinder along its edge at a 10-15 degree angle until sharpened evenly on both sides. Finally, reinstall each blade securely before reattaching the spark plug wire and start up your mower again!

Proper Angle to Sharpen Lawn Mower Blades

Maintaining a sharp blade on your lawn mower is an essential part of keeping your lawn looking great. To ensure that you get the best results, it’s important to sharpen the blades at the proper angle.

Generally speaking, for most types of blades used on lawn mowers, you should aim for an angle between 30 and 35 degrees when sharpening them using a grinding wheel or file.


In conclusion, it is always important to stay on top of lawn mower blade maintenance. Sharpening a lawn mower blade is an easy task that can be done in just a few steps with the right tools and safety precautions.

Keeping your blade sharp will not only give you a cleaner cut but also save energy and decrease the chance of kickback while cutting. With regular sharpening, you’ll have one less thing to worry about when tending to your lawn!

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