How to Change Lawn Mower Oil

| Updated On: April 3, 2023
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To change the oil in a lawn mower, first locate the drain plug on the underside of the engine. Then place an appropriate container beneath it to catch any spilled oil. Unscrew and remove the plug with a wrench or pliers, allowing all of the old oil to drain into your container.

After draining is complete, re-install and tighten up the plug before moving onto adding new oil. Carefully pour in new oil through either a dipstick tube or add spout until you reach maximum capacity indicated by markings on your filler cap or dipstick tube. Finally replace and secure your filler cap before starting up your lawn mower for use.

Park the lawn mower on a flat, level surface and turn off the engine: Before you begin changing your lawn mower oil, park your mower on a flat, level surface and make sure that it is turned off. This will help to prevent any potential accidents or spills during the process.

Place an absorbent cloth underneath the area where you’ll be working: To avoid getting oil all over your garage or driveway, place an absorbent cloth beneath the area where you’ll be performing your work so that any messes can easily be cleaned up later on.

Unscrew old oil filter from engine block: Using a pair of pliers or adjustable wrench, unscrew the old oil filter from its location in the engine block and discard it into an appropriate disposal container for used automotive fluids such as motor oil.

Remove old oil from crankcase: Using a funnel with tube attached to it (or some other device) remove all of the remaining used motor oil from inside of Lawn Mower’s crankcase by pouring it into another appropriate disposal container for used automotive fluids such as motor oils.

Pour new Oil into Crankcase: Take fresh SAE30 weight non-detergent motor oil and pour approximately one quart directly into Lawn Mower’s crankcase using either a funnel with tube attached to it (or whatever method works best). Make sure not to overfill!

Install New Filter onto Engine Block : Take new replacement filter and screw it tightly onto its designated spot in Lawn Mowers’ engine block using either set of pliers or adjustable wrenches; making sure not to overtighten!

4 Stroke Lawn Mower Oil

Four stroke lawn mower oil is specially designed to lubricate and protect the engine in four-stroke engines. It helps keep engine components working efficiently, while reducing wear and tear on internal parts. Four stroke mower oil also reduces exhaust emissions, improving the environment by decreasing pollutant output from gasoline powered lawn care equipment.

When selecting a four stroke mower oil, be sure to choose one with an API rating that matches your manufacturer’s specifications for best performance.

How Often to Change Lawn Mower Oil

It is recommended to change the oil in your lawn mower every 25-50 hours of operation, or at least once a season. For push mowers, use SAE 30 motor oil if the temperature is above freezing and 10W30 multi-viscosity motor oil if it’s below freezing.

If you’re using a riding mower or a tractor, refer to your owner’s manual for guidance on what type of oil to use.

How to Change Oil in Lawn Mower / Briggs And Stratton

To properly change the oil in your lawn mower or Briggs & Stratton engine, first make sure the engine is cool. Then locate the oil drain plug and remove it. Place a container underneath to collect the used oil, then allow all of the old oil to empty out completely.

After that, replace the drain plug and fill with new oil up to its appropriate line on the dipstick. Finally, start your lawnmower’s engine and check for any leaks – if none are present you can get back to cutting grass!

How to Change Riding Lawn Mower Oil

To change the oil in your riding lawn mower, start by parking your mower on a flat surface and turning off the engine. Next, take out the dipstick and use a drain pan to empty the existing oil from the crankcase. After that, replace any necessary seals or O-rings before pouring in new oil of your choice into the fill tube.

Finally, reinsert the dipstick and check for proper levels before starting up your lawnmower again.

Lawn Mower Oil Change Price

The average cost of a lawn mower oil change can range from $20 to $50 depending on the type, size and model of your mower. Most shops will include an oil filter along with the oil, but some may charge extra for it. The price also varies based on the amount of oil being used and where you are getting the service done.

Be sure to ask about any additional fees prior to agreeing to have your lawn mower serviced.

How to Change Lawn Mower Oil


How Often Should You Change Oil in Lawn Mower?

It is recommended to change the oil in your lawn mower at least once a year, or after every 50 hours of operation. Additionally, you should check the oil level before each use and top it off if necessary.

Since lawn mowers operate in high temperatures and work under extreme conditions, changing the oil more often than once per season can help prolong engine life by removing dirt and metal particles that build up over time.

If you are using synthetic oils, then follow the manufacturer’s specific instructions for when to change them as they may require longer intervals between changes.

Do You Need to Drain Oil from Lawn Mower?

Yes, it is important to drain the oil from a lawn mower in order to keep your machine running properly. Over time, old engine oil can become contaminated with dirt and debris, which can lead to decreased performance and even damage over time.

By draining the old oil regularly and replacing it with fresh oil, you will be able to keep your lawn mower running at peak efficiency for years to come.

When changing the oil in your lawn mower, make sure that you use an SAE 30 motor oil specifically designed for small engines; any other type of motor oil may not provide enough protection against wear or high temperatures.

How Do You Change the Oil in a Lawn Mower Without a Drain Plug?

Changing the oil in a lawn mower without a drain plug can be done by tipping the mower onto its side and draining the oil out of the filler hole. Be sure to place cardboard or something similar underneath to catch any spilled oil. Once all of the old oil has drained, replace it with new oil through the same hole until it reaches its fill line.

After that, reattach any parts you removed, switch your machine back on and let it run for a few minutes before shutting it off again so that the new oil circulates throughout all components.

Should Lawn Mower Oil Be Changed Hot Or Cold?

The answer to this question is that it’s generally better to change the oil in your lawn mower when the engine is cold. This helps prevent any potential wear and tear on internal components from happening due to sudden changes in temperature. It also allows for an easier removal of old oil and a more efficient circulation of new, clean oil throughout the engine.

Additionally, it reduces the risk of spills as well since you won’t be dealing with hot, potentially splattering liquid. To ensure maximum performance and longevity for your lawn mower’s engine, always remember to change its oil while it’s still cold!

How to change the lawnmower’s engine oil


Changing the oil of a lawn mower is an easy and important task to ensure your mower runs smoothly for years. By following the steps outlined in this blog post, you can quickly and easily change the oil on your own. Be sure to use only recommended motor oil when changing the oil and dispose of it properly after each use.

Taking good care of your lawn mower will help avoid costly repairs down the road and keep it running longer.

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