What is the Best Time of Year to Apply Fertilizer to My Lawn?

| Updated On: March 31, 2023
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The best time of year to apply fertilizer to your lawn depends on the type of grass you have and the climate in which you live. In general, warm season grass such as Bermuda or St.

Augustine should be fertilized in late spring and early summer when temperatures begin to rise, while cool season grass such as Kentucky Bluegrass should be fertilized in late summer or early fall before cooler weather arrives. For climates with mild winters, it is also beneficial to apply a final dose of fertilizer at the end of autumn for both types of grasses.

If applying organic matter like compost or manure, this can be done throughout the growing season but take care not to overdo it so that there is no build-up that could potentially choke out your turf.

The best time to apply fertilizer to your lawn is typically in the springtime when temperatures begin to rise and new grass starts growing. This helps ensure your lawn gets the nutrients it needs at the right time, allowing it to grow strong and green throughout the summer months.

Fertilizing too early or late can be detrimental, so make sure you’re applying fertilizer according to a schedule that’s suitable for your climate and soil type.

What is the Best Time of Year to Apply Fertilizer to My Lawn?

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What Months are Best to Fertilize Lawn?

The best time to fertilize your lawn depends on what type of grass you have. For cool season grasses like bluegrass, rye and fescue, the best months for fertilizing are April, May and September. If you have a warm season grass such as Bermuda or St. Augustine grass then June and July are the optimal months for fertilizer applications.

Be sure to check with your local extension office about specific fertilizer application rates for your particular region.

What Months Do You Apply Scotts Fertilizer?

When applying Scotts fertilizer, it is important to remember that the best time of year to apply is during the months of April through October. During this period, warm soil temperatures and consistent moisture provide ideal conditions for plant growth and development.

Applying too early in the spring may cause burn or damage from cold weather; too late in the season can lead to reduced effectiveness or poor uptake by plants before winter sets in.

Additionally, you want to avoid heavy rainfall periods as this can reduce nutrient absorption by leaching them out of the soil. As a general rule, fertilize your lawn every 6-8 weeks during peak growing seasons (April – October).

Can I Fertilize My Lawn Anytime of the Year?

Yes, you can fertilize your lawn anytime of the year. However, it is generally recommended to apply fertilizer during one of two key times: in early spring and late fall. Early spring fertilization will help promote new growth from existing turf and give it a head start before the hot summer season sets in.

Late fall fertilization will help build up resources within your grass for winter dormancy and increase its ability to bounce back quickly come springtime. If you are applying fertilizer at any other time outside of these two seasons, be sure to use a slow-release product so that the nitrogen levels don’t spike too high or become toxic for your lawn’s health.

Is It Best to Fertilize Lawn before Or After Mowing?

When it comes to fertilizing your lawn, the best time is actually after you mow. This allows the fertilizer to be distributed evenly throughout your lawn and helps ensure that it will reach all of the blades of grass while providing maximum coverage.

Additionally, by applying a slow-release fertilizer (such as an organic option) after mowing, you can give your lawn enough nutrients throughout the season without having to re-apply multiple times.

Lastly, when fertilizing before mowing, not only does some of the fertilizer get caught up in clippings but this can also cause excessive growth which may become difficult for you to control later on.

When and How to Fertilize Your Lawn

Best Time to Fertilize Lawn before Or After Rain

The best time to fertilize your lawn is typically before the rain. Fertilizer works by being absorbed into the soil, and rain can wash away unabsorbed fertilizer. Additionally, if you wait until after a heavy rainfall has occurred, you may need to apply more fertilizer in order to achieve optimal results.

Thus, it’s important to plan ahead and make sure that your application of fertilizer occurs prior to any precipitation!


In conclusion, the best time of year to apply fertilizer to your lawn is determined by what type of grass you have and where you live.

A general rule of thumb is that warm season grasses should be fertilized when temperatures are consistently above 65 degrees Fahrenheit and cool-season grasses should be fertilized in early spring or late fall. Applying fertilizer at the right time will help ensure a healthier, better looking lawn throughout the growing season.

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